30 Extraordinary LGBTQ+ Movies on Netflix to Stream This Month

"An LGBT lead or co-lead character appeared in only 3 films of the 300 studied between 2014 and 2016," according to the Media, Diversity, & Social Change Initiative at USC Annenberg. To state the obvious, that's a pretty bleak figure. And while Hollywood clearly has work to do, there are still plenty of incredible LGBTQ+ films in the cinematography cannon, even if most happen to be indies. 

Because we believe it's important to celebrate love and sexuality in all shapes and forms—and also simply because we have a strong appreciation for really good films—we rounded up the 10 best LGBTQ+ movies on Netflix to stream next time you find yourself craving a watch-a-thon. From heartwarming romances to gripping dramas, thought-provoking documentaries, horror flicks, and feel-good family films, read on for the best LGBTQ+ movies on Netflix, plus 20 more recommendations to add to the queue.