How to Be Happier and Healthier, According to 8 Fierce Female CEOs

It has been a banner year for women in the workforce, from politics and Hollywood to offices and homes all across America. The change is palpable, yet research suggests that one in three full-time employees say maintaining a healthy work/life balance is harder than ever. So what does it take to strike a perfect balance between career success, good health, and happiness?

To find out, we spoke to eight women who seem to do it all: They've launched some of the world's leading lifestyle brands, managed a thriving team, and still found time to prioritize their own health and fitness. Many have a family or S.O., and some are barely out of college, yet they all share one thing: a genuine passion and excitement to lead their best, healthiest life.

Here, we asked these fierce CEOs of fitness empires how they traverse the delicate work/life balance and what was going through their heads when they decided to strike out on their own. Take a peek inside the minds and inspiring daily habits of women who are doing it all—and succeeding.