This Playful Yet Sophisticated, Light Pink Nursery Is Dreamy

Kimberly and Adam Weinstein's dreamy nursery
Dustin Walker for Hutch

When Kimberly and Adam Weinstein were newly engaged, they moved into a three-bedroom apartment and started building their lives together. Fast-forward a few years, and they're now married with two daughters, August and Zoe, so they decided to convert their former storage closet and makeshift guest room into a nursery. A blank slate can present some decorating challenges—especially when it needs to accommodate a child but still with the rest of the space—so Weinstein reached out to her interior designer friend Lauren Krieger and sought help from Hutch, a platform and mobile app that fuses 3-D technology with online shopping so you can virtually decorate.

The result is an adorable light pink nursery, all anchored around one piece, a dresser, with some neutral tones and on-trend pieces to balance out the kid-friendly bright focal point. Naturally, we were eager to hear about the process and pick their brains about the vision behind this redecorating major project. So if you're looking for decorating tips and ideas for your own child's room, or you just want some design inspiration, take a tour of this darling light pink nursery

Thinking About the Layout

Pink dresser and reading nook in this whimsical nursery
Dustin Walker for Hutch

"The biggest challenge was the architecture of the space," explains Krieger. With "a window or door on almost every wall, our options for the layout were limited." And aside from the overall goals, there were a few constraints to keep in mind while coming up with a vision. "It's a long rectangular room (13"x9")," and there wasn't a ton of wall space "between windows, French doors, two closets, and the main door," explains Weinstein.

The perk? "This provides for a lot of natural light (my favorite!)," but it also "presented a challenge, as I don't believe in blocking windows or doors, and there were very limited options when figuring out where to place the crib," she continues. They decided to anchor it "against a wall facing away from the street for the sake of quiet" and still needed to fit in the dresser," which left them with one layout option. 

Grimm's Spiel and Holz Design Large 12-Piece Rainbow Stacker
Grimm's Spiel and Holz Design Large 12-Piece Rainbow Stacker $100

Colorful, fun, and gender-neutral, these toy blocks double as décor. We can even see them as a pop of color on the coffee table in a kid-free home. 

Figuring Out Storage Space

Nursery crib and table and chairs
Dustin Walker for Hutch

"Kids come with a lot of things," Krieger says, "so ample storage is key in a nursery." Things like "baskets and boxes are fun styling tools that are also functional. Things like bookshelves and dressers will help you stay organized while also keeping clutter to a minimum, but since they tend to be large, it's a good idea to choose furniture that also lends a few style statements. This is another great way to make sure the room grows with the girls."

Making the nursery double as a playroom also helps the Weinsteins keep the rest of the home tidy and grown-up, as there's not a designated place to keep all the kids' toys. "My fear was always that I would let every room in the house get overrun with kids' stuff and toys," she says. But now that won't be an issue. 

Oeuf Mini Library
Oeuf Mini Library $678

"One of the best features of this Oeuf bookshelf is that it has doors to hide clutter. A big design mistake is investing in storage pieces or bookshelves with open shelving unless you can make the commitment to keep your things neat (or if you're a minimalist)," says Krieger. 

Making It Timeless and Age-Appropriate

Playroom Storage
Dustin Walker for Hutch

"When Kimberly got pregnant with their second child, August wasn't quite two yet, so the room needed to double as a nursery and a playroom that she could grow into. We wanted to make a playful space that could transform into a sophisticated but fun space for a growing young lady," Krieger tells MyDomaine. Since Weinstein's primary goal was to ensure it was a "hybrid of a nursery and a 'big girl' room—a space where August spends time beyond napping and diaper changes" but can still do those things—she made sure to invest in high-quality, sophisticated furniture that still felt playful.

Krieger echoes this sentiment, explaining that "even though her daughter was still sleeping in a crib, Kimberly wanted this room to be a place August could grow into. We aimed to create a setting that is playful yet sophisticated, feminine and bold. Most of the nurseries I had previously designed for girls were very romantic and classic, so I was excited to design something modern—a room for a growing girl that feels warm and enduring but also bold and current, just like the little girl who sleeps in there." 

RH Garmet-Dyed Ticking Stripe Drapery Panel
RH Garmet-Dyed Ticking Stripe Drapery Panel $99

Make sure your little one gets some shut-eye, but also choose drapes that will complement other aesthetics throughout the years.  

Starting From Scratch

light pink walls and dark wood crib
Dustin Walker for Hutch

Though fun vintage pieces or family heirlooms are great, there's something freeing about starting from scratch. On the other hand, it can feel intimidating. Where do you start? Things tend to fall into place one you fall in love with one piece to anchor the room. Weinstein tells us, "It wasn't until I bought the pink dresser—an impulse purchase walking through Room & Board—that Lauren had to start her plans from scratch. This pivot was a true testament to Lauren's talent as a designer, showcasing her positivity, creativity, and adaptability." 

While it seemed like it was going to throw them off course initially, it really made the rest of the process fall into place. "She knows what she likes and she challenges me in fun ways, like with surprise purchases. She’s willing to have fun and take chances, and she trusts my senses," says Krieger.

Oeuf Classic Crib
Oeuf Classic Crib $970

This was the other focal point of the nursery, thanks to its sleek midcentury lines and sophisticated aesthetic.

Choosing the Color Scheme

Light Pink Nursery
Dustin Walker for Hutch

If you're someone who has a new favorite color every day, then choosing a color scheme can be hard. So take a page from Winestein's book and embrace happy accidents. As previously mentioned the whole mood board was thrown off when the dresser came home (but in the best way possible). "I changed my mind several times starting with a vision for dark navy walls and a walnut dresser." Once Weinstein picked out the dresser, "[Krieger] carefully balanced the design with black and white elements like the ticking stripe drapes, rug, and modern sconces." These accent pieces create a chic, contemporary environment, ensuring that the room will last throughout the years. "It also successfully evaded my biggest fear after buying a pink dresser of the room feeling too soft," says Weinstein

"The easiest part was accessorizing. Kimberly received so many chic items for the nursery at her baby shower, we really only needed to add art and a few pieces we found on Hutch," says Krieger. "Hutch made accessorizing easy by showing us how each piece looked in the space we created."

Room and Board Moda Dressers
Room & Board Moda Dressers $1199

If you're also falling in love with this pink dresser, make it the focal point of your own room (or you kid's depending on your style).

And Finally, the Fun Part: Accessorizing

Playroom Nursery
Dustin Walker for Hutch

"My favorite thing is that Lauren created a versatile environment for all of us to enjoy spending time in—ranging from a fun, bright playroom during the day to a peaceful and calming ambiance while getting the girls ready for bed at night," says Weinstein. And part of that is the attention to details and accessories. And Krieger agrees. "We had so much fun with the art and accessories in this room. We wanted bright, simple art pieces to accentuate the modern feel of the room, and we hand-picked the cutest everyday kid 'toys' like books and stuffed animals and featured them as design accents," she says. 

Personalizing it with sentimental items also helped achieve a more comfortable, homey feel. "Personal and intimate family touches are my favorite part of creating a space for baby. It helps create a sense of home, of story, of where the baby comes from. We brought in a painting of Paris that Kimberly's grandmother painted and a framed doctor's note that says 'It's a girl!' from when Kimberly and Adam found out baby's sex," Krieger tells MyDomaine. 

Rejuvenation Cedar & Moss Sconce
Rejuvenation Cedar & Moss Sconce $254

When choosing lighting, drapes, and other staples that will in the space throughout the years, opt for stylish, grown-up items. 

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