17 Lighting Fixtures that Will Work in Any Bedroom

bedroom with pendant light
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Lighting can truly make or break a bedroom. A room with big windows, plenty of natural light and an abundance of lamps can feel like a constant flow of energy. On the other hand, a dark room with minimal natural light and sparse lamps can feel small, intimate, and, in some cases, very cozy. Ultimately, it's up to personal preference on what type of lighting you want, but there's one thing that's for sure: if you don't have any type of lighting, it's nearly impossible to see at night. (And bumping around in the dark just isn't a sustainable option.)

For those lucky enough to have plenty of space for floor lamps and table lamps, adding light can feel like a fluid and effortless design process. But for those who have too much furniture (with no room left for floor lamps) or minimal space, lighting fixtures that hang from the wall or ceiling seem like the perfect solution.

We hunted the internet high and low for the best fixtures for every design style, every room type, and every personality. Below, our absolute favorites. No matter if you're looking for a soft-focus sconce to illuminate your reading nook or a bright chandelier to brighten up the entire space, there's something here for you.

Matte Gumball Sconce
Urban Outfitters Matte Gumball Sconce $29

Not only is this sconce inexpensive (at $29 you could buy one for each side of your bed and some), but it’s also simplistic in shape and design — making it the ultimate lamp for literally any design style. With a few brass elements and touches of velvet, it instantly transforms into a mid century lamp. Alternatively, add it into a pure white room with wood decor and cozy blankets everywhere, and it’s the perfect scandi touch.

Round Bamboo And Rattan Pendant Lamp
World Market Round Bamboo And Rattan Pendant Lamp $60

No matter the room, rattan and bamboo can be the perfect finishing touch. This donut-shaped pendant light would work flawlessly in the center of a bedroom or as a focus point over a dresser. The lightweight wood diffuses light and gives a soft, rustic glow that’s so much better than harsh overhead lighting.

IKEA BRUNSTA / HEMMA Pendant Lamp $30

Sophisticated. Minimal. Slightly industrial. Modern. This pendant light is a true chameleon in design, and that’s why it’s the perfect choice for lighting up bedside tables, or highlighting that cozy reading nook by your bed. Plus, the see-through caged design invites you to experiment with different lightbulbs like an antique Edison bulb or globe bulb.

Fela tasseled sconce
Anthropologie Fela Tasseled Sconce $128

The unfortunate thing about sconces is that they’re never quite as dynamic in design as pendants and chandeliers can be. That is, except for this tasseled wonder. The soft, tiered piece elevates any room, giving an air of femininity and coziness where it might be otherwise lacking.

swing lamp
onefortythree Swing Lamp $150

If you ask us, the swing light was one of the best inventions, because who honestly wants a light in the same exact place at all times? Swivel it one way to have as a reading light for those late nights when you can’t put down a novel, or swing it the other way to have as a soft light when you’re doing your morning routine.

Gio Round alabaster sconce
Mermelada Estudio Gio Round Alabaster Sconce $169

Think of this sconce as the (much larger) grown-up version of a nightlight. The round shape takes us to a far off dreamy place, while the mix of brass and stone add a bit of art-deco glam to any bedroom. The soft-focus lighting is perfect for anyone wanting to have their space illuminated without being overwhelmingly bright.

Lulu and Georgia Lesley Chandelier $475

Just like the modern chandeliers spread across the glossy pages of a magazine, this simple, industrial-chic piece is the kind of lighting fixture that brings an entire room to fruition. The marble details are incredibly luxe without screaming in your face (like a traditional chandelier might), and the easy shape would fit perfectly smack dab in the center of a room.

Rony adjustable led sconce
Pottery Barn Rony Adjustable LED Sconce $179

Sometimes, you just want a light that doesn’t look like, well, a light. This LED sconce is just that. The unique and sleek design looks like a thin wall hook. But press a button, and it instantly brightens up the space with LED light, ideal for when you need a little something to guide you around the room before bed.

Nelson Ball Bubble Pendant
HAY Nelson Ball Bubble Pendant $495

At one point or another, we all probably wanted a paper lantern as a child. They were cool in theory, but nearly impossible to not poke a hole through within hours of owning. This bubble pendant takes the same theory of a soft, warm glow, but gives the design lasting power with steel wires and polymer.

Lighting Bracket & Pendant Light
RyonDesign Lighting Bracket & Pendant Light $136

If you’re like us and spend most of your time perusing Pinterest, you’ve probably come across lighting fixtures just like this one. It’s easy in concept: a shelf bracket transformed into a sconce-like fixture with a drop pendant light and bulb. This Etsy take on the design proves that finished wood and metallic accents can go so far.

Sculptural glass globe light
West Elm Sculptural Glass Globe Flushmount $99

You’ve probably come in a lot of contact with the globe light fixture. It’s a standard overhead lighting shape (that landlords love for no reason), plain in design with a tendency of skewing a tad boring. This flushmount is the perfect replacement: ombre color, globe design, metallic shades. What’s not to love?

Edward Sconce
Pottery Barn Edward Sconce $139

If you’re looking for a lighting fixture that’s more than just a lighting fixture, this is it. The sconce completely eliminates the need for a nightstand, with a small attached surface for a glass of water or note pad and a USB port on the side where you can plug in your phone to charge while you snooze.

Metal chandelier black
Hearth & Hand with Magnoli Meal Chandelier Black $100

Given the opportunity (and endless budget), we’d probably copy all of Chip and Jo’s designs. This chandelier, from the couple’s Target brand, is an easy way to get their Waco-inspired style without breaking the bank. The black metal structure is a popular option for dining rooms, but we think it’s even more attention-grabbing above a bed.

ceiling fan with light
Hunter Fan Company Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan with Light $221

No air circulation? No problem. This light tackles both your lighting and air flow in one design. Unlike your run-of-the-mill ceiling fan, this light adds a pop of color, with short blades for a low profile. And, the motor is incredibly quiet so you don’t have to sacrifice sleep or a relaxing moment for a dual cooling/lighting system.

Article Black sconce lamp
Aricle Leap Black Sconce Lamp $69

Sconces get a bad rap for being too flush to the wall. But this fixture changes everything. The lamp’s skinny arm extends almost 3 feet away from the wall for light where you need it when you need it. Plus, there’s no need for drilling into walls and messing around with hardwiring. This cord drapes nicely down from the sconce so you can easily plug it into an outlet.

Femony wall sconce
Femony Modern LED Wall Sconce $26

If you’re in the unfortunate situation of a bedroom with very low natural light, then you need a fixture that can do the work of a sun. This modern LED sconce is just that — in more ways than one. The round shape and eclipse-like design looks like a sun. But it’s the bright LED system that brings illumination to the entire space just like daylight.

Single Wall Mounted Adjustable Light
Crate & Barrel Single Wall Mounted Adjustable Light $109

Technically, yes, this lamp is meant for kids’ rooms. But we like to think that the curved design is ideal for any bedroom at any age. It takes the concept of an arc floor lamp and applies it to a fixture that takes up way, way less room. Genius.

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