Exceptionally Likable People Share These 5 Traits

Timur Emek/Getty Images

The topic of being more likable might seem like high school banter at first, but the way you're perceived by others can have a real impact on your career and relationships. Likability is more than just popularity; it's a combination of personable skills that allows some people to forge an innate connection with those around them within minutes of meeting.

So what sets seriously likable people apart from their peers? According to Inc., it's a delicate balance between humility and confidence. In writer Lolly Daskal's words, "Likable people are humble enough to know that they are not better than anyone else but they are wise enough to know they are different from the rest."

Research suggests that the benefits of being likable go beyond the ego boost. Studies indicate that happy people tend to be more productive, creative, connected, and likable. Who wouldn't want that?

Emulate these five habits to learn from exceptionally likable people:

  1. Likable people focus on adding value. Many people approach relationships by questioning how it could benefit them. Instead, likable people concentrate about adding value to conversations and being of service to others.
  2. Likable people are genuine. Be genuine and speak with authenticity. Speak up if you don't know something; ask if you need help; be honest about your shortcomings to show humility.
  3. Likable people are excellent listeners. Likable people encourage others to speak about themselves, rather than try to be the center of attention.
  4. Likable people are always present. They hold strong eye contact and make you feel like you're valuable and worth listening to. Next time you catch up with a friend, put your phone away and show that they have your full attention.
  5. Likable people know how to connect. Make an effort to remember people's names, and adopt positive facial expressions by smiling and nodding during conversation.

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