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5 Design Lessons We Learned From Lilly Singh's LA Home

There's no denying that Lilly Singh's Los Angeles house is as innovative as she is. Which, of course, means that it's almost impossible to lay eyes on the space and not walk away with some interior inspiration.

Lilly Singh My Design Mindset

Nicole Gerulat

There's so much to love about Singh's home but if you're looking for a few key takeaways, make sure to read on for five design lessons we learned from her space. And make sure to check out the full tour for even more inspiration.

1. Neutrals and Color Can Co-exisist

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Color and neutrals may not always go hand in hand but Singh's home proves they can co-exist.

"In this home, it's quite neutral but there'll be pops of color," Lilly explains. The custom made chairs in her dining room are one of the most striking examples of color use in the space. "I actually picked this blue out of a booklet and I was like right, the brighter the better."

2. Use Art to Get the Conversation Started

Lilly Singh My Design Mindset

Nicole Gerulat

Art adorns just about every wall in Singh's home, lending the space a museum-like quality that sparks conversation with every guest.

"I wanted it to be [a place] where people can have conversations about what's on the walls," Singh explains. "It's like a museum in here."

Furthering the museum quality is her gorgeous, custom table that you can't help but talk about. "This is a hybrid table, so it is a ping pong table, pool table, dining table that I customized every piece of," she says.

3. Your Adult Home Can Honor Your Inner Child

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What kid hasn't dreamed about having a fully stocked snack bar with chips, candy, soda, not to mention just about every popcorn topping imaginable?

Singh's home theater brings that dream to life in the most enviable of ways, proving that your inner child can have a place in your adult abode.

4. Not Everything Needs a Purpose

Lilly Singh My Design Mindset

Nicole Gerulat

While Singh's home is perfectly suited for her lifestyle, she's quick to point out that not every single piece serves a purpose. She sees the fun in design, and nowhere is that more evident than her living room shelves.

"For me, I know I've made it when I shelves filled with things that are absolutely useless, and that's what these are. These are shelves with books I've never read, there's an hourglass up there...I couldn't tell you why," Singh says before summing up her shelves perfectly: "Aesthetics baby, look it up!"

5. Honor Your Creativity Through Décor

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One room Singh paid extra attention to while designing the home was her office. And for a creative like herself it immediately paid off.

"This is my favorite place in the house where all of the brain babies come to life. This gallery wall it makes me smile every time I see it. My office is a place that I planned out to a tee. How do I want to feel? How do I want to work? How do I want to manifest? The recipe to success is in this room."

Singh's gallery wall is filled with some of her biggest accomplishments, including a print of an LA 28 graphic she was asked to create (along with other notable Angelenos) ahead of the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles and magazine covers she's graced throughout the years.

The takeaway here? Your home can inspire you just as much as Singh's home has inspired us.

Talent Lilly Singh

Photography Nicole Gerulat

Creative Direction Bridget Mallon

Art Direction Amy Sheehan

Styling Desiree Morales

Hair Paige Davenport

Makeup Aaron Paul

Production Wonder Partners

Video Editing WesFilms

Cinematographer Micah Hamilton

Booking Talent Connect Group