Lily Collins Takes Us Inside Her Mother's Cool LA Antiques Shop‬

The sentiment that one person’s trash is another’s treasure rings particularly true for Lily Collins and her mother Jill Collins. “We would go to the Rose Bowl at the end of the day and look at what was thrown out, and we found a lot of cool things,” the Love, Rosie actress told us. The passion for the hunt and the excitement that came with a great find would eventually lead to Waverly on Doheny, Jill’s West Hollywood antique store. Spend a few minutes in the charming space, and you’ll come across everything from a traveling salesman’s kit of glass eyes to a swagger stick—a treasure trove, if you will, of items all with their own unique history. As our editorial director Mat Sanders perused the new store with Lily and Jill in tow, we got the inside scoop on all their antiquing adventures.