Lindsay Lohan + Kathryn Ireland: The Reveal You Never Got to See

"She walked into my bedroom and said 'I want a room like yours,' Kathryn Ireland explains of how Lindsay Lohan's bedroom came to be modeled after the designer's own. Remarkably, one of Hollywood's most well-known starlets shares the same aesthetic as Ireland: classic English mixed with a laid-back California vibe. For Bravo's Million Dollar Decorators, Ireland took on the challenge of transforming Lohan's Beverly Hills home into an ode to all things girly, patterned, and French-inspired. From the living room to the bedroom, the designer's own line of bright, screen-printed fabrics fill the space, covering chairs, pillows, and even the statement-making bed, which Ireland calls "my version of a four-poster." In her own home, the designer's taste for mixed prints, rich colors, layers of fabric, and the juxtaposition of old and new comes across clearly, and she managed to carry that same bold effect into Lohan's digs as well. Since we never got to see the big reveal on the show, Ireland walks us through Lohan's home, reveals how her personal style inspired the space, and shares just what it was like working with the young celeb.


THE LITTLE THINGS: The detail in the room makes it special. I used this beautiful scalamandre trim on the top of my bed, which we did for Lindsay as well - I think little details like that are really important in design.

OUTSIDE THE BOX: I don't really have any rules, except take risks, experiment. I think if you go with the same family of colors--colors that have a relationship to each other--it will work. I love to mix old and new, different eras--different things that I like that just work together.

CHANNELING LINDSAY: In Lindsay's bedroom I used a lot of Grange furniture, a French-made company with reproduction furniture, which is very much in the style of Linday--she loves that whole French look. I actually custom painted the pieces to go with furniture. It's a very good marriage, in fact Grange carries my line of upholstered furniture called Tapisserie, which means upholstery in French.

All of the furniture--the chaise that we used, the very pretty little dressing table-it's all very girly, which is very much Lindsay. She loves pretty things. Lindsay also has an incredible collection of clothes so I hung some of them on the walls as art pieces.

WORKING TOGETHER: The biggest challenge about recreating the look of my home for a client is making sure it's what she really wants and that she wasn't just being polite, because you want her to love the end result. Lindsay was a pleasure to work with. I think she really knew what she liked, but wasn't sure how to do it, so she let me go for it.

It's very much about the chemistry with the person you're working with. Some clients say, "Kathryn, pick out the fabric yourself," and with Lindsay, it's not that she didn't trust me, she just really enjoyed being part of the design and going shopping with me.


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DESIGN BOOT CAMP: "A lot of people enjoy working on their homes themselves, that's why we started the Designer Boot Camp. Most people want to learn from an interior designer because they want help with the actual logistics of it. We're there to answer every question about the process." --Kathryn Ireland

Photographs: Jose Leon, Additional Photos by John Hugstad.