5 Buzzwords That Shouldn't Be on Your LinkedIn Profile (and What to Use Instead)


Recruiters can scan hundreds of LinkedIn profiles to find the perfect candidate for a role, so basic experience aside, what makes one qualified candidate stand out from the rest? According to a study conducted by the career network, your choice of wording plays a major role.

The site recently scanned its database of profiles to find out which buzzwords appear the most frequently. According to its career expert Blair Decembrele, it might be worth "swapping them out to help you stand out from the crowd and tell your own individual story." Avoid résumé cliches and swap out these overused buzzwords stat:

Specialized. Replace with "tailored" or "niche."

Experienced. List past roles or years in the industry.

Leadership. Consider mentioning your mentoring skills.

Skilled. You shouldn't need to include this word if your profile clearly outlines your skills.

Passionate. Swap out this word for enthusiastic or avid.

Looking for more LinkedIn guidance? Apparently, profiles with these five qualities stand out.

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