Is Your Salary Fair? This Tool Reveals What You Should Actually be Paid


Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

Job negotiation can be an intimidating process, especially if one key factor is lacking: salary transparency. You might have a hunch that other employees earn more, but without industry contacts, the right tools, and real data, it can be hard to substantiate your claim. If you've ever wondered what your co-workers are paid or are intrigued by the salary you could earn if you switched careers, a genius tool by LinkedIn will put your curiosity to rest.

The networking platform's annual salary calculator is surprisingly easy to use and provides access to valuable career information. Simply enter your job title and location, and LinkedIn will mine internal data to reveal the median base salary and median total compensation of other users who fit that profile. It also tells you the top-paying locations for people in your profession, providing crucial insight if you're open to moving cities. It's worth noting that the calculator populates data provided by users, so it also operates on a trust system that employees are being honest about their compensation.

Curious to know what salary your peers are paid? We used the LinkedIn salary calculator to find out what people across a broad range of professions are paid in New York City. Here's what we discovered: