11 Thought Leaders to Follow on LinkedIn

What is a LinkedIn thought leader? Reaching a network of 200 million people, this elite group includes some of the most influential thinkers in the world. When LinkedIn launched the program in 2012, there were only 150 thought leaders—some world renowned thinkers like President Barack Obama and Sir Richard Branson as well as industry-specific movers and shakers like Emotional Intelligence 2.0 author Dr. Travis Bradberry and investor James Caan.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an application process for the prestigious title of LinkedIn influencer. Rather, individuals are invited to receive the coveted “influencer” badge if they exhibit a unique blend of expertise, vision, and leadership. This means individuals are not only successful and have proven ideas for how others can be successful—they also inspire people to act. Scroll through to meet the thought leaders whose words are transforming the way we think about life, work, and happiness.