7 Unbelievable Perks of Working at America's Top Companies

If your idea of great company benefits is paid annual leave and perhaps a stocked office fridge, brace yourselves. Today, LinkedIn revealed its first-ever Top Attractors list, which names the most desirable places to work in America and outlines the insane employee perks they offer staff. Given that nearly half of American workers are willing to forgo a high salary to gain more flexibility in their schedules and a better work/life balance, these unbelievable perks might make you want to hand in your resignation letter and change jobs ASAP.

  • Accenture: The business management consultancy firm offers to ship breast milk home for nursing moms who are on a business trip.
  • Amazon: The e-commerce giant pays for 95% of tuition fees for staffers who undertake studies in relevant fields, as part of the Amazon Career Choice Program.
  • Netflix: Netflix employees can determine their own schedules, with flexible hours.
  • Facebook: New dad and CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced four months' paid paternity leave for fathers.
  • Diageo: The parent company of alcohol brands like Smirnoff and Baileys encourages staff to drink on the job. Office cocktail parties and team tasting sessions are just some of the perks.
  • Pandora: The music streaming company gives staff 40 hours off work to volunteer for a charity organization each year.
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers. PcW workers are given the option of working compressed weeks, whereby staff increase their daily hours in order to shorten their workweek.

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