Everyone Wants to Work at These 10 Companies, According to LinkedIn Users

Updated 03/29/18

If you've been considering a career move in 2018, let LinkedIn's top companies list for the new year serve as your guiding light. Released this morning, the companies on this list represent the most sought-after employers who have "figured out how attract top talent, and then keep them," reads the methodology post. The most compelling part about this list is that it's based entirely on the actions of LinkedIn users, so it's essentially a people's choice list. 

To select the top 10 companies, LinkedIn analyzes billions of data points generated by its 546 million members around the world to formulate a blended score used to rank the top companies in each country. They consider job demand (based on how many users are viewing and applying for jobs within that company), engagement with the company (based on how many professionals are viewing and following a company's career page), interest in employees (measured by how many non-employees are viewing and asking to connect with the company’s current employees), and retention.

Here are the top 10 companies in America for 2018, according to LinkedIn users: 

1. Amazon

2. Alphabet (which includes Google)

3. Facebook

4. Salesforce

5. Tesla

6. Apple

7. Comcast NBCUniversal

8. The Walt Disney Company

9. Oracle

10. Netflix

Head over to LinkedIn's official announcement for ranking details on each company. 

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