This 1920s Spanish Colonial Home Is Vintage Eclectic Done Right

Just like the popular Cameron Diaz film, there's something about Lisa Larson. The Swedish-born Los Angeles–based designer and founder of Ragdoll L.A. (a favorite of celebrities such as Alicia Vikander, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Sienna Miller) simply oozes effortless style.

She can make a T-shirt and jeans look insanely cool and covetable. Of course, this is something we've come to expect from the Swedes. Everything they touch turns to design gold, and it seems Larson's creative talent doesn't end in fashion, either. She recently lent her artistic nous to interior design while renovating her own '20s Spanish Colonial–style home in the Hollywood Hills (it was built three years before Chateau Marmont), and the result is beyond gorgeous.

Of course, Larson's home mirrors her fashion design style, fusing her refined taste with a hint of nonchalance and that rare vintage charm. She's definitely mastered the art of blending old and new, antique and modern, resulting in a highly curated home that is at once eclectic and beautiful. Take a tour through every room of this striking space, and prepare for your jaw to hit the floor too.