2 Interior Designers Share Their Stylish Little-Boy Bedroom Ideas

The only thing harder than decorating a bedroom for your son is getting him to clean it on a regular basis. Jokes aside, you want to create a space that captures his personality and interests while also having the capacity to mature with him and not clash with the rest of the family home. Since striking this balance is no easy feat, we decided to seek professional guidance from interior designers. With keen eyes and above-and-beyond service, we knew Abbe Fenimore of Studio Ten 25 and Jessica McClendon of Glamour Nest would steer us in the right direction.

So if you're in the midst of decorating your kid's bedroom, their on-trend insight will help you achieve that kid-friendly yet timeless feel. Ahead, they walk us through the hippest home décor trends as well as how to maximize space for siblings who share a bedroom. Scroll through to get some design inspiration and guidance with our top five little-boy bedroom ideas below.

Let Their Personalities Shine

Little Boy Bedroom Ideas
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Fenimore explains that's totally possible to let the room reflect your child's spirit while also making it timeless enough to last their changing ideas, passions, and tastes. You can inject fun pillows and wall art since "doing so gives the space a clean aesthetic that layers in personality." If you don't spend too much on these decorative accents, you can easily swap them out over time.

"Some parents want to incorporate pieces that are affordable and easily replaced while others want to focus on investment pieces that are going to easily adapt over time. Most parents want their children's rooms to be spaces that reflect their personalities, and because of this, they allow them to them to lead the direction of the design of the room," shares Fenimore. 

Save Space With Bunk Beds

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"If children are young and don't have another play area in the home, the most common space-saving design decision is to choose bunk beds. I typically only go this route if the little ones are really young and need a dedicated play area in the home, as bunk beds are expensive and children will grow out of them quickly," explains McClendon. So if bunk beds are out of the question, McClendon suggests you "take full advantage of vertical space" by opting for narrow, tall furniture.

For example, use "bookcases that are as tall as you can find, as they will transition with kids as they get older allowing for flexibility and additional storage." Whether you choose to use side-by-side twin beds or bunk beds, McClendon says investing in a well-designed closet is essential to maximizing space, since you won't have to use bulky furniture for storage.

Introduce Texture

Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN: Carly Waters Style

The materials you choose to decorate with will determine how warm and comfortable the entire room is. Plush bedding and area rugs will help soften things up, but there are some other creative options too. "The woven wall hanging is definitely a huge trend we're seeing this year in rooms for the little ones," McClendon says. "They're loved for their ability to add texture and a cozy vibe to any space." We love the slouchy aesthetic in the above bedroom, as it makes for a clubhouse vibe without looking unkempt.

Mix High and Low

Studio McGee

It's all about being strategic with your purchases. Fenimore "loves pairing basic, budget-friendly furniture with timeless, sophisticated pieces." As pictured above, a classic nightstand and bed frame can work in pretty much any environment, so they're definitely worth investing in. "This way you can swap bedding and other decorative accents as your child grows up."

To make the design project a fun, collaborative endeavor, McClendon recommends that parents choose the larger, more expensive pieces of furniture for the room while children can help choose the pieces and accessories. This approach results in a space that flows within the home but represents the personality of the child, too.

Ditch the Theme

Melanie Johnson Photography ; DESIGN: Studio Ten 25

"More parents [are] moving away from juvenile or themed nurseries and kids' rooms," McClendon explains. "This makes it easier to transition the design of the room as the kids get older while keeping the cost of designing the space more affordable." Take the nursery photographed above, for example. Its soothing color scheme and plush décor make it baby-friendly, but pretty much everything in the room would be just as chic in an adult's room.

The beautiful wall art, classic stool, and stylish pillows will last for a long time. Fenimore adds, "Wallpaper and murals are trending in teen bedrooms right now." We recommend removable wallpaper, which will allow your kids to get creative without having to commit to something they may outgrow. We love the rustic charm of this wallpaper, which also makes the entire room feel both casual and sophisticated.

What are you favorite little boy bedroom ideas? Sound off in the comment section below!

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