Living Simply Actually Makes You Feel Richer, Study Finds

Updated 06/07/17
Iive simply feel rich

Have you ever had a Marie Kondo moment where you literally went through every item in your home, throwing things out piece by piece? At first, it was probably difficult to rid yourself of sentimental belongings, but once you got started, you most likely felt a sense of relief. But why is there this sense of ease that comes with simplifying your lifestyle and adopting minimalism (even when it's initially difficult)?

A new study found that "identifying what is really necessary frees up more mental and emotional resources, enhancing a greater sense of well-being," says Sarah Newcomb, the lead author of When More Is Less: Rethinking Financial Help. “It is the feeling of power, not necessarily the exercise of it, that we found was linked to emotional well-being." 

Newcomb surveyed Americans in various financial situations and found that those who described themselves as making the biggest purchases were not the happiest; in fact, those who made big expenditures often suffered from anxiety attributed to it (it literally cluttered their minds). It wasn't the act of buying something that led to emotional well-being but knowing that they were able to afford it if they so chose. This is a fair reminder that adopting minimalism may be worth it in the long run. 

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