This New Multimedia App Will Change the Way You Online-Date

Today, online dating site Zoosk launched the first-ever dating app to go beyond static images and text. Lively, which was created specifically with 18- to 34-year-olds in mind, uses a combination of images and videos to create multimedia dating profiles similar to Snapchat stories. The creators aimed to give daters a better, more interactive way to get to know each other while creating more "authentic" profiles of themselves, according to a press release.

Here's how it works: Lively pulls images and video assets from different apps on your phone to string together a moving story collage complete with transitions and animation. Unlike with Tinder and Happn, users have extensive editing capabilities so as to create a curated video montage that they feel accurately represents them.

Although probably a bit more work than the average dating app, setting up a profile on Lively capitalizes on the use of video as a way to show more intimate parts of your personality—something that content streams like Snapchat and Facebook Live have had monumental success with. If the success of these platforms is any indication, Lively could be the next big trend in online dating. When you think about it, a video of you interacting with friends while grabbing dinner on a Saturday shows a whole lot more about you and your personality than a static photo would.

Watch the sample Lively profile below and download the brand-new app here. Do you like the idea of video dating profiles?