This Wearable Device Stops Period Cramps Instantly

Updated 05/04/19

With the advancements that have been made in modern medicine, it seems strange that women still struggle with (sometimes very severe) period cramps with little or no solution other than popping a few Advil and waiting out the week. That is, we thought so until Brit + Co. recently released details about Livia, a wearable tech device that aims to stop period cramps in their tracks. The small square contains two gel pads that are placed directly on the abdomen while the base device clips to your waistband (all can be hidden under clothing for public use).

Livia works instantly as it sends electrical pulses through the gel pads to block pain receptors. Genius. Even better is that it's a drug-free solution, which if it works as well as it should, would save us the side-effects that come with relying on painkillers. Livia is still in the pre-launch phase, but it has already reached four times its funding goal on IndieGoGo where you can pre-order the little lifesaver for just $85. A price well worth it.

While you wait for your Livia device, try Natural Vitality's magnesium supplement, which can also work to help cure pain from period cramps.

Would you try this new wearable device to stop period cramps?

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