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11 Blanket Storage Ideas Professional Organizers Love

Tidy up your living room

Folded blankets draped over a ladder in a living room

Cathie Hong Interiors

No living room is complete without a few cozy blankets. Afternoon couch naps are made better by ultra-plush throws. And extended movie marathons? They just feel more special when you’re snuggled up with a chunky blanket. 

The only problem? Those blankets need somewhere to live, and if you want to keep your living room in tip-top shape, your blanket storage solutions need to be as sleek as the rest of your space.

To figure out how to store and organize living room blankets, we turned straight to the experts. We asked two professional organizers to share their favorite living room blanket storage ideas with us. And their tips will keep your living room looking sleek—while ensuring your favorite blankets are always conveniently within reach.

Meet the Expert

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Store Your Blankets Inside a Pretty Basket

A living room with a woven basket filled with blankets and pillows

Ashley Montgomery Design

When it comes to storing blankets, pretty baskets are your friends. “I love rolling up blankets and placing them in large woven baskets,” Holly Blakey, professional organizer at Breathing Room, says. Blakey’s favorites—woven baskets—are sleek and classic, but any kind of pretty basket should get the job done.

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Hang Your Blankets From Hooks

A living room wall lined with hooks that are holding a blanket and a purse

Cathie Hong Interiors

Turn your blankets into wall décor by hanging them from hooks. This unexpected approach works on any bare wall, and it’s a great way to show off the colors, patterns, and textures of your go-to seasonal throws.

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Invest in a Storage Bench

A blue storage bench topped with a printed cushion and several pillows

Mindy Gayer Design

A storage bench is a worthy addition to any living room—and it’s also the perfect place to keep your favorite throws.

“My favorite products for storing and organizing living room blankets are large baskets and storage ottomans,” Joanna Wirick, life and home professional organizer at Joanna Organize, says. “One that doubles as a coffee table or bench is perfect.”

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Stack Your Blankets on Your Shelves

A living room lined with shelves, which are topped with books, decor, and folded blankets

Devon Grace Interiors

If your shelves aren’t packed with other stuff, use them to store your blankets. “If you have open shelves, roll up your blankets or fold them into thirds, and add them as a decorative piece,” Wirick says. “Believe me, you’ll love the pop of color and addition of texture.”

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Toss Your Blankets Inside a Woven Bag

A living room filled with woven storage bags and baskets

Ashley Montgomery Design

Put a fun spin on the classic woven basket by scoring a woven bag, instead. The tote can hold your blankets—just like a basket can. But since it’s slightly unexpected, it’s sure to make a statement in your living room.

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Keep Your Blankets on a Stool

A stone-lined living room with a small stool topped with two folded blankets

Ashley Montgomery Design

If you want a tidy way to leave your blankets out and about, stack them on top of a single stool. By giving your blankets a designated home, you can keep them feeling sleek and orderly—even though you’ve left them in the middle of your living room.

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Make the Most of Your Cabinetry

A living room lined with built-in shelves and cabinetry

Devon Grace Interiors

There’s no need to overthink your blanket storage set-up: Keep your blankets inside your living room cabinets. Fold them up, tuck them away, and grab them whenever you need them.

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Drape Your Blankets Over a Ladder

Folded blankets draped over a ladder in a living room

Cathie Hong Interiors

One unexpected way to store blankets in your living room? “Hang them on a wooden ladder,” Blakey says. Drape a different blanket over each rung, or spread the throws out so each one has room to shine.

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Hide Your Blankets Inside a Storage Ottoman

A living room with a printed storage ottoman

Studio Peake

Hidden storage furniture can help you stock up on storage space—without disrupting your décor scheme. “I love furniture that has hidden storage, like ottomans with lids or coffee tables with baskets,” Blakey says.

These sneaky storage pieces make perfect homes for blankets, and they can house other items you’d like to tuck away.

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Slip Your Blankets Inside Storage Cubbies

A living room corner with blanket-lined cubbies tucked underneath a tall cabinet

Leclair Decor

As you piece together your storage set-up, don’t just stick to shelves and cabinets. By lining the base of a cabinet with a few storage cubbies, you can designate a tidy place for your blankets to live—while keeping them conveniently within reach.

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Leave Your Blankets Draped Over Your Furniture

A living room decorated with a blanket-topped armchair and a blanket-lined sofa

Katie Hodges Design

Tucking your blankets away isn’t a must. “My favorite way to store blankets in a living room is to make them part of your décor,” Wirick says. “We all know that ‘oh, I just happened to toss this throw here’ look that designers have perfected.”

So toss a couple of blankets over your armchairs, or neatly drape them over the back of your couch.