The Most Important Part of Your Living Room Isn't Your Sofa

Pernille Loof/Trunk Archive

A sofa is usually the first major piece of furniture we invest in for our living rooms—and, arguably, for our homes. One of the larger pieces of furniture, it's also the one we spend the most time on (other than our beds), and we often have very strict ideas of how comfortable it should be. So it's no wonder that this piece of furniture gets most of our attention when decorating a living room. But there's another important piece of the puzzle that often gets neglected: the coffee table.

Maybe we're still holding on to the one we purchased for our first apartment years ago, or maybe we invested in a piece we love but have never actually taken the time to style it. Whatever the reason may be, a coffee table is often the most overlooked part of a living room, but it's also arguably one of the most important. It's the one item that's at the center of the space, the piece of furniture that people congregate around, and the space where you can truly infuse some personality in your décor. The good news? You can easily overhaul your coffee table in one weekend only, and we're showing you exactly how. Ready to take your coffee table to the next level? Here's what you'll need.

hi-gloss small square pink tray
CB2 Hi-Gloss Small Square Pink Tray $20

A tray is the foundation of all good coffee-table styling as it collects all random items and makes them feel organized.

Alvar Aalto Vase 175x172x120 Rain
Iittala Alvar Aalto Vase $125

Add a vase with flowers or tall branches for height.

Bibliothèque Colored Candle
BYREDO Bibliothèque Colored Candle $85

A scented candle is a great to add ambiance, both with lighting and scent.

Farmhouse Pottery Devo Hat Match Striker $48

Elevate your standard lighter and opt for a chic match striker instead, which you can style in the tray with your candle.

Ferm Living Candle Extinguisher $37

Add a candle extinguisher as an interesting object that's also practical.

Antique Mirror Boxed Set of Six Mirrored Coasters $145

Everyone needs coasters, but we love this set that comes in a beautiful box to add a little height to your arrangement.

Soho House Morning Noon Night $31

Style a few coffee table books next to your tray.

Shop our favorite coffee tables

Cosima Coffee Table
West Elm Cosima Coffee Table $399 $279

This translucent West Elm table is ideal for small apartments.

Menu Turning Table $600

Need extra storage? We love this Menu coffee table for smaller spaces.

Blu Dot Cub Coffee Table $799

If you want to display a lot of books and objects, but you don't want it to take over your coffee table, try this display table from Blu Dot.

Modern by Dwell Magazine Coffee Table $150

Another great affordable option is this Target table, which features two levels for extra storage.

Poul Kjaerholm PK61 Anniversary Table

Poul Kjaerholm PK61 Anniversary (price on request)

One of the most iconic modern coffee tables is this Poul Kjaerholm table, which has been released again for its 60th anniversary.

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