Honestly, This Living Room Makeover Is the Perfect Pick-Me-Up

It's easy to identify colors schemes we love or don't love when looking at a finished room. But when staring at a wall of paint swatches at a hardware store, it can be a little harder to envision what's best for our room—rendering most of us to revert to the simplest of fallbacks: pure white. Don't get us wrong; there's absolutely nothing wrong with a white living room (see below), but paint-swatch paralysis is a real thing that often stops us from being a little more daring in our spaces.

The solution: Instead of looking at paint swatches, turn to rooms you love. Interior designers have a knack for dreaming up living room color schemes that we would never have imagined but that look and feel great. To help kick-start your dream space, we rounded up a few of our favorite living room color schemes, from the most color-averse to the boldest—and yes, there's even an all-white one! Grab your paintbrushes and roll up your sleeves. Your living room is about to get a stylish makeover.

Next up, these will be the big paint color trends of 2018.

This story was originally published on July 22, 2017, and has since been updated.