Yes, It's Possible to Make Your Living Room Look Luxe on Any Budget—Here's How

Not everyone agrees on how much a piece of furniture or decorative accent should cost. Ask anyone on the street how much they would be willing to pay for a sofa, and we bet you'll get a pretty wide range of answers. That's why styles exist at every price point and stores exist to fill every market gap imaginable—even the ultra high-end. But even though not everyone can afford an $8000 Fritz Hansen chair, we believe that high style can be achieved with any budget.

We put this theory to the test and created three very similar-looking rooms with completely different price breakdowns: $8000, $3000, and $2000. The best part? Each of the items in these rooms can be mixed and matched to create your ultimate living room. Which items would you pick for your own space? Click through to find out how much your own living room would cost.

Next up: One entryway, three prices—how to decorate for any budget.