This Is the First Thing an Interior Designer Notices When Entering a Home

Updated 05/05/19

Unless interior design is your profession, you may not be aware of the most common mistakes made when arranging furniture in a home. Elle Decor interviewed 13 interior designers on the first thing they notice when they walk into a person's home, and Sarah Vaile of Sarah Whit Design shared the most offending error: placing your sofa directly against a wall. It's an incredibly common decision people make when arranging furniture in their living room because it's counterintuitive. You'd think that placing a sofa directly against the wall would make the space appear bigger when, in actuality, pieces of furniture need breathing room, and the visual effect is more pleasing when they are pulled out a bit from being flush with walls.

"Nothing drives me crazier than a sofa against a wall in a big room," Vaile told Elle Decor. In tighter, smaller spaces like studios, sometimes traditional interior design rules have to go out the window in the interest of maximizing small square footage; but the general rule of thumb is that placing furniture (sofas especially) directly against walls ends up looking starker and less inviting than when pieces are "floating." Head over to Elle Decor to see the rest of the things interior designers notice when walking into new homes!

Did you already know about this common mistake? Share any tips you've learned for ideal furniture placement below!

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