Living Room Wall Décor Ideas So You Can Finally Fill That Blank Space

Neutral living room—Emily Henderson

Sara Tramp ; DESIGN: Emily Henderson ; STYLING: Brady Tolbert

If your home is full of blank walls just waiting to be filled with unique artwork, wall hangings, and décor, the time to curate your space is now. Just remember to only buy what appeals to you, rather than buying a piece because it matches a room in your home. Before you pick up a hammer and nails, take a look at some of these living room wall décor ideas. Inspiration awaits!

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Sporting Equipment

living room with surfboards
Space Exploration

Get inspired by the objects around you and proudly display personal effects by strategically leaning them against a blank wall in the living room. Here, surfboards make for a casual wall decoration that's also functional if you're an avid surfer. If your sporting equipment doesn't feel as chic as these boards, try leaning large artwork or a mirror instead.

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Alternative Art

living room with sculptural object hanging above fireplace
Studio DB

Instead of a traditional painting or print, opt for something more dynamic, like this sculptural object placed above the fireplace. Although a coveted spot in the living room, the space above the mantel often goes underutilized. Rethink mounting a television above the fireplace and go for something more artistic and interesting to fill the blank space.

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Large-Scale Paintings

living room with large piece of hanging art
Sharyn Cairns; DESIGN: Fiona Lynch

Hang a painting on an empty wall in your living room to give the space a striking visual element. The bigger the piece, the more profound the statement. Here, a tall painting fits perfectly on a narrow wall near a doorway. Beyond the hall hangs yet another framed artwork, giving the living room depth and contrast.

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Organized Gallery Wall

living room with gallery wall art

If you aren't comfortable with a cluster of artwork on one wall but like the idea of hanging multiple works, create an organized gallery by hanging framed art in perfect alignment. Be sure to take exact measurements so there is equal space between each frame.

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Cornered Art

living room wall with large framed photographs on wall
Liljencrantz Design

Hang paintings, prints, or photographs on two intersecting walls to get this tasteful look. Go bold with two completely different works of art, or create a cohesive look by hanging work by the same artist, medium, or color scheme. The similar framework and black accents of these pieces connect the space.

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living room with wallpaper art
Katherine Carter

Go bold with a decorative patterned wallpaper layered with a painting. It's a loud choice, but a statement-making print works in this eclectic space. Play with colors, patterns, and materials to create wall décor that's interesting and draws the attention of guests.

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Iridescent Mirrors

living room with Iridescent Mirror
Jessica Helgerson

Utilize original objects like this iridescent mirror. It's colorful and creates depth in the space, but it feels cohesive due to the wooden rim of the mirror, the wooden fireplace, and accents throughout the room. A traditional mirror is also a lovely way to invite light into the living room and make a small space feel larger.

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Small Objects

living room with bookcase display
Sharyn Cairns; DESIGN: Fiona Lynch

A bookcase built into the wall is the perfect way to display small objects and knickknacks that are aesthetically pleasing. Organize small objects, decorative boxes, colorful books, and sculptures on the shelves of a bookcase to enhance the décor of a living room. This also works well in a space that already has art and additional décor on the walls.

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living room with Diptychs art
Studio DB

Hang two works side by side or in a line with each other to create a diptych. Like you would with a gallery wall, take measurements and be precise. Make sure you take into account the size of the art, the wall, and the flow of the rest of the room.

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living room with large bookcases
Jessica Helgerson

Utilizing a bookshelf for design purposes is one unique living room wall décor idea. Whether the shelves are filled with books, objects, antique glassware, or vases, a wall-to-wall bookshelf is one way to make a statement and display the objects you care about in your home.

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Statement Paintings

wall décor statement painting

Perhaps the most obvious choice for living room wall décor, one statement painting hung carefully above the couch is a timeless look that can be easily tailored to your personal tastes. One thing to keep in mind when selecting a piece like this is the flow between the floor, walls, and ceiling.

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Alternative Framework

living room with alternative art on the walls
Kristofer Johnsson; DESIGN: Pella Hedeby

These three black-and-white photos remain unframed, hanging on the wall by metal clips. This creates a perfectly unfinished look that lacks the formality of traditional artwork. Think of this as the elevated version of your youthful decorating attempts, which likely included hanging posters on the wall with only strips of tape.

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Framed Drawings

living room with framed art sketches
Alyssa Rosenheck

In addition to paintings, photographs, and sculptures, there are also drawings. These hand-drawn sketches are unrefined and raw, yet their place in this structured gallery wall transforms them into sophisticated wall décor.

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living room with framed photographs
Ashe + Leandro

Upgrade your parents' wall of family photographs with some intriguing black-and-white or vintage pictures framed and placed in a sprawling gallery wall. Do some digging at thrift shops, galleries, and outposts to find original art you can proudly display at home.

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living room with stacked books and art
Sharyn Cairns; DESIGN: Fiona Lynch

Prints are a far less expensive way to bring gorgeous artistic elements into your home. Most websites that sell art online offer original paintings, as well as more affordable prints of the same works. Check out TappanTwyla1stdibs, and Poster Child Prints for a vast selection of prints and work by under-the-radar artists.

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Large Objects

living room with decor of large wood pieces

Courtesy of Jeremiah Brent 

Similarly to sporting equipment, you can use other large objects as wall décor, like the pieces of wood in this neutral, but super chic, living room. Whether you mount objects, lean them against the wall, or place them on top of a console table, if they're high enough, they'll function as wall décor that's unique and unexpected.

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Leaning Artwork

living room with leaning art work

Courtesy of Space Exploration 

You don't have to hang artwork to make it impactful (which is especially helpful if you're a renter). You can lean artwork up against the wall for a relaxed, undone feel. Opt for one large piece, like in this photo, or add in a few different smaller pieces of varying sizes.

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Statement Mirror

living room with starburst mirror

Sarah Sherman Samuel 

A mirror is always a good bet when you need something for a wall, but you've exhausted all your art options. Instead of choosing one that's purely functional, opt for a more statement-making mirror, like this sunburst mirror. It'll also help make a small space feel larger.

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Illuminated Artwork

Picture light above a framed artwork in living room

Stoffer Photography Interiors; DESIGN: Danielle Moss and Conor Scanlon 

If you want your artwork to really stand out, or if you want your living room to feel more sophisticated, place a light over a work of art to illuminate it. It's another layer of décor, but it also serves a purpose.

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Stacked Books

A large-scale print hangs on wall next to stacked books

 Sharyn Cairns; DESIGN: Fiona Lynch

This one is a bit more unconventional, but the result is seriously chic. Ditch the bookshelves and stack your collection of books so that they go high enough to make an impact. The result? A perfectly imperfect cozy space.

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