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20 Beautiful Living Room Window Treatment Ideas for Instant Sophistication

window treatment ideas

D. Burns Interiors

What's the first thing you think about when designing a living room? Is it the sofa? The rug? Where to place your television? Since your living room is often where you and your loved ones connect, it's likely you're prioritizing comfort and community. So, understandably, your window treatments aren't a top priority. Sure, window treatments might serve a strictly utilitarian purpose, but, in reality? They are surefire way to dress up your living room.

If you want to revive your living room window treatments, but have no idea where to start, we're sharing 20 stunning ideas that will put your blinds and curtains front and center.

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Give Some Trim

window treatments

Designer: Philip Thomas; Photo: Aydin Arjomand.

Looking for an easy way to make a statement? As this space from Phillip Thomas proves, the devil lies in the details.

"One of my favorite tricks to make a window treatment feel special is to add a printed or boldly colored trim to the textile," the designer explains.

Here, the blue and white trim along the thick drapes pairs nicely with the room's matching wallpaper and accessories.

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Beautify Your Blinds

window treatment living room

Design: Tara McCauley; Photo: MJ Kroeger.

Let's face it: Blinds often have the reputation of being unsightly or archaic. But, we're ready to cut ties with that stereotype. For Tara McCauley, they can add a dash of subtlety to an otherwise whimsical living room.

"I love white matchstick blinds in a living room," the designer explains. "They provided a finished, tailored look without blockout out any light and can work in with both traditional and modern decorating schemes."

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Do Double-Layered Drapery

window treatment

Design: Allison Babcock; Photo: Francine Fleisher.

As the saying goes, there's strength in numbers. Not only will dual drapery give your space a cozy, inviting vibe, but it's also pretty practical.

"A double-layered window treatment gives you more options in terms controlling the light in your living room," explains designer Allison Babcock. Talk about a bright idea!

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Mix and Match

living room window treatment ideas

D. Burns Interiors

Why settle for one type of window treatment when you can enjoy a few? We love how Desiree of D Burns Interiors mixed and matched the window treatments in this light, airy space. The designer juxtaposed the natural shades with sheer curtains, allowing the window treatments to make a statement without upstaging the cathedral ceilings.

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Pop With A Pattern

window treatment ideas
Design: Studio Munroe; Photo: Thomas Kuoh.

We're giving you full permission to embrace your bold streak. San Francisco-based firm Studio Munroe created window treatments that pop without throwing the whole room out of whack. Here, the charming pattern commands attention, while the blue and white color palette is downright soothing.

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Style With Shutters

window treatment ideas

True Home

From her minimalist color palette to thoughtful pops of texture, Ajai Guyot of True Home has a knack for making spaces that feel oh-so-cozy. So, it's not too shocking that she uses the same approach for her living room window treatments. The wooden shutters she uses here blends nicely in with the wall, letting only small slices of sunlight come piercing through. It's like a modern-day sanctuary.

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Go Bold With Black Drapes

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Studio KT

As this space from Studio KT proves, it pays off to go to the dark side. Admittedly, most living rooms have all-white curtains; however, designer Kara Thomas flipped the switch by contrasting a mostly white room with thick, black curtains. The result? A space that feels dramatic, not drab.

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Blend In

window treatments

J Designs

As this space from J Designs prove, the key to incorporating patterned window treatments is finding a repeat that will blend in.

"We decided on a thicker striped fabric to bring in some fun neutral pattern and liven up the space," designer Jamie Nusser  explains. "This home was for a family with kids so we felt the patterned curtain was a great way to keep things cozy and soft, while steering clear from a white linen so any stains or dirty hands show up less!"

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Perfect The Proportions

window treatments

Designer; Breegan Jane; Photo: Ryan Garvin

For designer Breegan Jane, it's not always what type of window treatments you use, but where you place them.

"Allow your curtains to extend lengthwise to the ceiling — versus the top of the window — and beyond the window width so your curtain has a place to rest when it’s open," she explains. "Go wide and let them rest on the sides of the window wall. I promise they’ll look great!" This trick is guaranteed to enhance your tall ceilings — or make them seem taller than they are!

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Be Bold

window treatments

Dazey Den

If you have a love for color, why not let it show with your window treatments? Designer Danielle Nagel never shies away from boldness, and this bright living room is simply smile-inducing. But, to keep the space from feel like sensory overload, Nagel added small orange touches throughout the space.

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Opt For Old-School

window treatments

Tom Stringer

If you want to give your living room a retro twist, opt for a classic set of drapes with a formal valance. While this design tip might harken back to yesteryear, it doesn't have to feel archaic. Designer Tom Stringer injected a pop of modernity with this cool, color-blocked repeat.

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Coordinate With Your Couch

window treatments

M Wilcox Design

Want to strike a happy medium between eye-catching and cohesive? Take a cue from M. Wilcox Design, who matched these drapes to the couch. The emerald green curtains certainly pop, but don't overwhelm the rest of the space.

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Keep It Natural

window treatment ideas

Katie Hodges

Want to stick with a neutral color palette, but don't want to resort to a boring white? Take a cue from Katie Hodges, who punctuated this all-white living room with charming taupe drapes. The matte black rods seen here create contrast, giving these curtains an extra pop.

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Consider Your Window Shape

window treatments

Design: Emily Henderson; Photo: Ryan Liebe.

The secret behind finding window treatments that make your living room shine? Well, it's quite simple: Think about your window shape. Instead of wasting precious square footage and creating awkward negative space, Emily Henderson added roller shades to these bay windows. This style gets the job doesn't while emphasizing the window's unique shape.

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Add Transparency

window treatments

Black and Blooms

Anyone who appreciates the look of treatment-free walls will find a lot to love about sheer curtains. This popular style will give you the privacy you need without having your space feel dark and drab. Let this living room from Sara Toufali of Black and Blooms show you how it's done.

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Stick With Solids

window treatments

Dan Rak

Though we love power-clashing patterns as much as the next person, there is a limit to the bold design choice. (Case in point: Pairing a whimsical wallpaper repeat with a set of patterned drapes is headache-inducing.) Instead, offset the whimsical wallpaper with solid drapes, as Dan Rak did here.

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Get Bright And Beautiful

window treatments

Mary Patton

Anyone with a more is more aesthetic will find a lot to love about Mary Patton's take on living room window treatments. While the fuchsia walls and ceiling make a statement on their own, the designer took this room to the next level with a bright orange settee. The sweet, multi-colored roller shades bring these two bright colors together.

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Try Tonal

window treatments

Marguerite Rodgers

Want to give your living room the tonal treatment? Take a cue from Marguerite Rodgers, who added soft yellow curtains to this all-wood space. The warm tones create the illusion of a monochromatic space without feeling sterile and boring.

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Opt For Ombré

window treatment

Design: Medium Plenty; Photo: Suzanna Scott

If printed curtains seem like too much of a statement for your pared-back aesthetic, bridge the gap between form and function with this ombré set. Design firm Medium Plenty offset these subtly colorful curtains with crisp white walls, allowing them to shine.

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Think Pink

window treatment

Design: Emily Henderson; Photo: Tessa Neustadt.

Looking for an easy way to dress up an all-white room? You can't go wrong with a set of pastel curtains. Emily Henderson designed this living room with rose-colored glasses on — and added a sweet statement with bubblegum pink sheets. Rounding out the look is black and white furniture as well as mint accessories. The contrast between the cool and warm tones pop without overpowering the living room's airy vibe.