Inside a New York Bachelor's Elevated and Edgy NoHo Loft

Space may be a luxury in New York City, but for one private equity analyst, it was one worth investing in—for more reasons than one. When Ross Green moved into his expansive one-bedroom, two-bath loft in NoHo, he was tired of living like a college student and called on the help of Homepolish designer Jesse Turek to help him elevate his home to one worthy of his age and status. In his décor arsenal: only a few prized pieces of art and rare Yankee Stadium memorabilia.

With the help of Turek, what could have been a large two-story dorm room turned into an elevated and sophisticated loft made for entertaining. Nothing too precious was the client's brief, who wanted his décor to endure the wear and tear of dinners with friends or baseball viewing parties. Instead, elegant and low-maintenance pieces were brought into this industrial-style space to create the ultimate bachelor apartment—except that by the end of the redesign, Green was a bachelor no more. Take a tour of the stunning NoHo loft redesign that transformed more than just a man's apartment—it also created a home fit for two.



Sean LitchfieldDESIGN: Jesse Turek for Homepolish

The first order of business in this loft space with extra-high ceilings was to change up the layout. "Originally, Ross wanted the sofa pushed up against one of the walls," explains Turek, "but when I showed him the option of placing the sofa in the center of the room facing the two large floor-to-ceiling windows, he fell in love with the idea. I did this for a few reasons. I wanted him to be able to enjoy the outdoor view, the TV is the perfect distance from the sofa, and it's a little more unexpected, which is what I love to do. I enjoy delivering the unexpected!"