Every Woman in London Owns These 8 Décor Pieces—Do You?

There's a good reason London is one of the world's major style capitals. British It girls have a knack for being at the forefront of fashion and décor trends. In both their wardrobes and their homes, their unique style is often a mix of timeless classics with edgy detailing and bold color choices. The city itself has all the right ingredients to create the perfect interior: gorgeous ornate classic architecture alongside futuristic high-rises, dark and rainy days that lend themselves to cozy corners and moody rooms, and lush greenery that extends into people's yards and homes. 

So how can you get the London capsule décor style in your home no matter where you live? It all starts with a fearlessness for color, a flair for the dramatic, and a love for cozy corners where you can spend hours when the weather is dreadful outside. It involves knowing exactly how to mix traditional and modern styles and how to mix colors to complement gray rainy days. For a few additional cues, we turned to London-based interior design firm Studio Ashby—a young design firm responsible for some of London's most cutting-edge interiors—for a rundown of essential décor pieces. Take a cue from its playbook and you'll have your own London-inspired pad in no time.

Retro Mushroom Lamps

London Capsule Décor
Courtesy of Studio Ashby

Retro mushroom lamps are growing in popularity in cities beyond London, but we've seen quite a number of them in British homes for a few years now, leading us to believe that our cousins across the pond spearheaded this trend alongside other European Nordic countries.

Oluce Atollo Table Lamp $915

Modern Lounge Chairs

London Décor Capsule
Courtesy of Studio Ashby

Londoners have adopted a sense of comfort and laid-back formality in their homes, which often translates in cozy libraries and reading nooks. Enter the modern lounge chair, which can be found in many British homes. After all, what better way to spend a rainy afternoon than to curl up in a cozy room reading a book?

Le Corbusier LC4 Chaise Longue $3875

Channel Tufted Beds

London Décor Trends
Courtesy of Studio Ashby

Londoners have a flair for the dramatic, which often translates in moody rooms and deep jewel tones. And since they're also often at the forefront of décor trends, they've long adopted channel tufting as their upholstery of choice. Don't be surprised to find many jewel-toned headboards and sofas in London homes. 

One Kings Lane Delmar Channel Bed $795

Jewel Toned-Velvet Cushions

London Decorating Trends
Courtesy of Studio Ashby

In fact, jewel-toned velvet is a staple in many British homes, something that can be found in larger furniture or smaller accessories like pillows or even curtains. One thing is for sure: Brits aren't afraid of color when it comes to décor. 

CB2 Mohair Plum Pillow $119

Graphic Contemporary Art

UK Décor Trends
Courtesy of Studio Ashby

Though their homes can retain many original architectural features and classic details, Londoners tend to skew more contemporary as far as their art is concerned. Don't be surprised to find a bold graphic print in a very traditional room. It's this juxtaposition that many Europeans have mastered that makes the London décor style so edgy and unique.

Marleigh Culver Night Bloom $265
UK Decorating Trends
Courtesy of Studio Ashby

London is the capital of rainy days, which means its residents spend a lot of time indoors. To beat seasonal depression, many Londoners have taken to keeping many plants in their homes to give their space an indoor-outdoor feel and make their space feel more in tune with the lush greenery outside.

Greenery NYC Natal Mahogany Bush $178

Book Collections

London Decorating Tips
Courtesy of Studio Ashby

The British take pride in being well-read and having a killer sense of style, so books are prominent in London households. You can find them lined up in libraries and bookcases or piled high on coffee and side tables—and no, they're not just for show.

Juniper Books Taschen Cities Collection $295

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