Would You Dine in London’s First Nude Restaurant?

Public nudity: terrifying or liberating? If you feel at ease in the buff or want to push your comfort boundaries, London's latest pop-up could be for you. The Bunyadi is the city's first naked restaurant, a temporary venue that encourages guests to strip down, turn off their phones, and go au naturel. While it might sound like some diners' worst nightmare, it's clear not everyone is scared to bare all—the restaurant currently has over 42,000 people on the wait list, poised for the opening on June 11. 

Bunyadi means fundamental, base, and natural in Hindi, all things founder Seb Lyall hopes the venue will embody. "We believe people should get the chance to enjoy and experience a night out without any impurities: no chemicals, no artificial colours, no electricity, no gas, no phone and even no clothes if they wish to. The idea is to experience true liberation," he said in a statement

The restaurant design caters to both clothed guests and nudists. The candlelit venue is split into two sections with each table surrounded by a bamboo partition, to maintain discretion. Guests can feast on wood-flame grilled meals served on clay crockery with edible cutlery. Our tip: For safety's sake, skip the hot food.

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