Step Inside L.A.'s First Pregnancy, Parenting, and Reproductive Wellness Hub

Updated 02/23/18
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Erica Chidi Cohen and Quinn Lundberg noticed a void in the market for women, expecting parents, and new families to find helpful resources, guidance, and an inclusive community. For that reason, they founded Loom—L.A.'s first pregnancy, parenting, and reproductive wellness hub—to create a supportive community space for new and expecting parents. Cohen and Lundberg designed a curriculum, services, and events to guide members through reproductive pathways, including considering, expecting, parenting, and loss.

Within the space, they seek to demystify the experience with zero-judgment guidance and foster an authentic conversation about reproductive health, pregnancy, parenting (single, step, and choice), adoption, as well as non-birth outcomes such as miscarriage and abortion. 

To create a soothing, airy oasis that evokes light, comfort, and peace, Cohen and Lundberg called upon interior designers and founders of Wall for Apricots, Katy Burgess and Brady Cunningham, to take on the task of transforming a stripped-down space into a welcoming haven. "We had the opportunity to start from a truly blank canvas," the designers recount, explaining that their primary goal was flexibility. "We wanted to celebrate the unpredictability of pregnancy and parenting, and create a space that could adapt to the needs of the Loom community." They sought to achieve a balance between elevated and still baby-friendly, and to create warmth and intimacy despite the sprawling footprint of the space.

Below, the designers welcome us to step inside the new wellness hub as they walk us through their creative process.

Morgan Pansin

"Our interior renovation was inspired by the Streamline Moderne elements of the façade and our interest in adopting some of the functionalist ideals of Alvar Aalto and his Paimio Sanatorium," recount Burgess and Cunningham.

Morgan Pansin

"We wanted to focus on the functionality of the space and ensure that every piece serves a purpose," the designers note.

Morgan Pansin

"Almost every piece of furniture in the space is something we designed," say Burgess and Cunningham. "From the reception desk to the upholstery, we were looking for ways to maximize functionality."

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Morgan Pansin

"From the beginning, we wanted the space to be gender-neutral and to create a soothing cocoon of color," the designers say of deciding on the color scheme. It was important to them that the palette of the space relates back to the warm neutral of the Loom logo, which they also designed.

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Morgan Pansin

"Similarly, the curved walls and layered textures of the interior reflect the overlapping colors and lines of the logo letters," they continue. "Wherever possible, we wanted natural light and raw materials to be integrated into the palette itself."

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Morgan Pansin

"We wanted the benches to appear built-in, but also have the option to move them around in the space for different events," the designers note.

Morgan Pansin

From baby-care basics to movement energy flow, here's everything that's on the calendar this month at Loom.

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