Every Girl in L.A. Owns These 8 Décor Pieces—Do You?

Los Angeles Décor
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New York versus L.A. is a rivalry that will live on forever. While New Yorkers are fast-paced and crazed, living in close proximity to millions of people in cramped quarters, Angelenos revel in the luxury of perfect weather and ample space. That's not to say that L.A. has it better—they do sit in traffic for unhealthy amounts of time, but as far as square footage goes, they definitely have a foot up on New Yorkers.

L.A. homes are notoriously covetable. Expansive, light-filled, and often surrounded by lush gardens with crystal-clear pools, they embrace indoor/outdoor living and give off an air of carefree conscious living. Rooms are usually large, bright, and perfectly outfitted to complement the views that their private gardens offer. They also often feature the same décor items or furniture.

Yes, Angelenos have a signature style: midcentury pieces mixed with woven baskets, antiques, and a healthy dose of greenery. Want to get the L.A. cool-girl look in your own space? Here's our eight-piece L.A. capsule décor to get you started.

Leafy Trees

Los Angeles Décor
Courtesy of Studio LifeStyle

If there's one thing you'll find in every Angeleno's home, it's a live tree—fiddle-leaf fig, ficus, olive. L.A. residents embrace the indoor/outdoor lifestyle better than most, so having greenery inside the home is just an extension of that. Find trees sitting in sunlit living room corners, by a soaking tub, or towering over a master bedroom.

Greenery NYC Ficus Audrey Tree $440

Midcentury Daybeds

Los Angeles Décor Style
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Angelenos have mastered the art of a well-balanced lifestyle, and this extends to their décor. It's no surprise to find daybeds in their homes, which speaks to the leisure time they take to nap or read books. They also have ample space and a love for midcentury design, so expect to find classic modern daybeds like the Knoll Barcelona couch in their homes.

Barcelona® Couch
Knoll Barcelona Couch $11321

Apparatus Lighting

Los Angeles Home Décor
Courtesy of Alexander Design

Though Apparatus Studio is NYC-based, Angelenos have wholeheartedly embraced the work of Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson. In particular, you'll find their beautiful sculptural lighting in many L.A. homes. The scale and airiness of their pieces is perfectly suited to the large light-filled spaces of Southern California.

Apparatus Triad 15 Chandelier $10500

Flag Halyard Chairs

Los Angeles Home Décor Style
Courtesy of Amber Interiors

Ask any Los Angeles resident which lounge chair they would buy if money were no order, and chances are many will say Hans Wegner's Flag Halyard chair. Large, low-slung and sculptural, this midcentury Danish design uses a variety of materials, from woven rope to leather, fur, and mixed metals. It's the perfect statement piece for an edgy open space.

France & Son PP225 Flag Halyard Chair $3500 $1749

Organic Modernism Cabinets

Los Angeles Design Style
Courtesy of Amber Interiors

Because L.A. homes are typically larger than in other major cities like New York or Paris, large storage pieces are highly coveted to fill corners of entryways, dining rooms, and living rooms. One brand that Angelenos have wholeheartedly adopted is Brooklyn-based Organic Modernism, which offers large clean-lined storage pieces made of mixed materials from various wood finishes and brass.

Organic Modernism Teardrop Credenza
Organic Modernism Tear Drop Credenza $2465

Woven Baskets

Los Angeles Home Décor Capsule
Courtesy of Alexander Design

Woven baskets are a staple of any L.A. home, whether they are sitting by a fireplace, holding a potted tree, or hung on a collection of hooks in an entryway. The breezy, beachy, easy-living nature of them makes them the perfect accessory for a Malibu beach house or a Venice canal home. In L.A., it's all about effortless coastal style.

Caba Straw And Cotton-canvas Tote
Muun Caba Straw And Cotton-Canvas Tote $272 $190

Midcentury Danish Dining Chairs

Los Angeles Design Capsule
Courtesy of Amber Interiors

Angelenos have a love for midcentury design (and in fact, many homes in the area were built in that time period), and this extends to dining chairs. It's not uncommon to find Danish designs in Los Angeles dining rooms, especially chairs with woven seats. The mixture of clean functional design and the beachy woven aesthetic is very L.A.

Carl Hansen & Søn CH36 Side Chair $770

Wrought Iron Antiques

Best Los Angeles Décor
Courtesy of Jeremiah Brent

Another thing that Angelenos know how to do best, it's mixing contemporary designs with antiques, especially in older colonial or Georgian homes. L.A. locals have a particular affinity for weathered wooden tables and wrought iron furniture and light fixtures. Generally, they are unafraid to mix periods and styles, which works well in large light-filled rooms where colors are muted.

Jayson Home Vintage Industrial Table $4865 $1999

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