This Soulful Family Home Has a Touch of Whimsy—and We Love It

Fusing glam with kid-friendly isn't always an easy task, but Los Angeles–based interior designer Katie Hodges took the challenge head-on, and the results are nothing short of stunning. Publicist Stacey Heuser of The Narrative Group and her husband Evan needed to transform their 1930s Spanish bungalow in the Hollywood Hills to accommodate their growing family without compromising their personal style.

Hodges infused her signature modern bohemian vibe with a hint of glam and laid-back cool while keeping their practical needs (and finances) in mind. "First-time homebuyers don't always have the budget to purchase everything high-end and custom, so a big-picture outlook helped me figure out where to spend versus where to save," she told MyDomaine. To do this, Hodges invested in high quality upholstered seating while saving on dining chairs, as she says they can quickly add up.

Having rented for so long prior to purchasing the home, Hodges said the couple's furniture was a "mishmash of styles that lacked sentiment," which meant starting from scratch. "There's something exciting about that for me as a designer," she said. "The opportunity to lay the foundation for a client's new style and expose them to items they wouldn't have found on their own. The modern elements keep the space clean and tailored, while the vintage textiles and ethnic influences bring in a bit of soul and whimsy." In this exclusive tour, Hodges shares her direction for each room in the house, from the color palette to the artwork.