Stores Can't Keep This $30 Eczema-Healing Lotion on the Shelves

Updated 04/12/18

It took one mom's honest Facebook post to make a Lush skincare product's sales skyrocket. Over the weekend, Sarah Rudd took to Facebook to declare her love of the buzzy beauty brand Lush's Dream Cream after it miraculously healed her baby's skin, which had been affected by eczema since birth. According to the post, she tried a variety of prescription products including hydrocortisone cream, experimented with dairy-free formula, and used myriad other lotions before finding the one product that cleared her baby's skin.

"He's completely and utterly eczema free," she writes. 

Since sharing her story, Rudd's post has quite literally gone viral, garnering 35,000 shares in just a few days. Along with the massive social buzz she created, sales of the Lush product have gone through the roof, increasing by 185%, Refinery29 reports. It's been selling out in stores and online since news of its potential to relieve chronic eczema broke.

Along with Rudd, a slew of other faithful Lush users have expressed their rave reviews of the product on the brand's website. "I have eczema and skin allergies so I break out very easily to other lotions... I have used this for about three years now and I will never go back. It sinks into my skin and keeps me moisturized for a long time," one reviewer writes. Another says, "I have been using a prescribed cream for my eczema, but didn't like the possible skin damage it could cause. I gave this a shot and it dealt with a difficult patch overnight.

I will definitely keep using it."

Head to Lush to see for yourself if this lotion lives up to the hype.

Lush Dream Cream $30

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