Louise Roe's Guide to a Clutter-Free Home

With the frenetic pace of our modern lives and long hours at the office, the idea of returning home to a disorganized, messy space can cause unnecessary stress, and who needs the extra cortisol? In fact, clutter can be costly, not just on your wallet but your health too. Clearing out the things you don’t need isn’t just about aesthetics; being organized actually boosts your health and vitality too. So with the looming holiday season in mind, and before guests arrive on your doorstep, we enlisted the help of über stylish television host, writer, and fashion expert Louise Roe of Front Roe to share her top tips for a clutter-free home. Scroll down to read her simple steps.

How do you declutter your home for the holidays? Do you have any tips to help prepare for guests? Share them below.