These Are the Lounge Chairs Interior Designers Are Buying


Courtesy of Black Lacquer Design

We love picking the brains of interior designers. Just like chefs are a treasure trove of knowledge on how to blend simple ingredients into a delicious meal, designers have an endless catalog of home décor products imprinted in their brains. While we commoners can spend weeks having anxiety over which lounge chair to choose for our home, they can effortlessly pull together an entire room in hours. To them, finding the perfect chair is like a Tetris game—the piece needs to fit just right, in terms of size, price, style, and quality. No detail is overlooked.

In the name of expanding our home décor repertoire, we polled four of our favorite interior designers to find out what their favorite lounge chairs are right now. Their styles and clientele vary wildly, but their discerning eye never disappoints. Get ready for serious eye candy as Emily Henderson, Will Cooper of ASH NYC, Caitlin Murray of Black Lacquer Design, and Joe Nahem of Fox-Nahem reveal their top picks.