These Are the Lounge Chairs Interior Designers Are Buying

Courtesy of Black Lacquer Design

We love picking the brains of interior designers. Just like chefs are a treasure trove of knowledge on how to blend simple ingredients into a delicious meal, designers have an endless catalog of home décor products imprinted in their brains. While we commoners can spend weeks having anxiety over which lounge chair to choose for our home, they can effortlessly pull together an entire room in hours. To them, finding the perfect chair is like a Tetris game—the piece needs to fit just right, in terms of size, price, style, and quality. No detail is overlooked.

In the name of expanding our home décor repertoire, we polled four of our favorite interior designers to find out what their favorite lounge chairs are right now. Their styles and clientele vary wildly, but their discerning eye never disappoints. Get ready for serious eye candy as Emily Henderson, Will Cooper of ASH NYC, Caitlin Murray of Black Lacquer Design, and Joe Nahem of Fox-Nahem reveal their top picks.

World Market Rose Pink Tyley Chair $260 $200

"At under $250, this chair is too good not to swoop up," says Henderson, who recently scoured the web for the best budget chairs. "Not only is rose the color du jour, but the chair's tufted back and curved arms are classic enough that it will be in style for years. Also, I'm convinced everyone looks prettier sitting in pink."

IKEA Grönadal Rocking Chair $249

"I have always loved rattan chairs," says Cooper. "This one is nice because it has a modern element in the metal work, and the cane work is all done by hand, so each chair is unique. You also can't beat the price!" The chair stems from IKEA's 2017 catalog, which is seriously good.

Mercer Chair
Target Threshold, designed with Studio McGee Mercer Rolled Arm Upholstered Arm Chair with Casters $349

"We love a good affordable piece here at Emily Henderson Design," Henderson says. "We used two of these in Nicolette Mason's living room makeover, and they could not have been cuter. The color, the size, the curved arms, and the turned legs all make them big winners. Oh and did I mention the under-$500 price tag?"

Cue Chair
CB2 Cue Chair $499

"Crafted with supple leather, this chair packs a big bang for the buck," says interior designer Caitlin Murray of Black Lacquer Design. "It feels like a fresh take on a classic style, thanks to its all-white design." This was one of our favorites from CB2's latest collection too, so we are on board!

West Elm Roar + Rabbit Swivel Chair $799 $639

"Chairs that swivel serve a practical combination, both conversation and TV-watching," says Nahem, a trusted authority in the design world. "A lot of chairs have bases that are very heavy or bulky. I love these finer lines." 

Radboud Van Beekum FM61 Cube Chair $1700

"I love this chair in white," says Cooper. "It's from the 1980s but feels very brutalist/constructivist to me. The form is super strong and simple, and it's comfortable, too." Are you a fan, too? Scour antique shops, 1stdibs or even eBay for your chance at scoring one. 

Jonathan Adler Maxime Lounge Chair $2250

"This chair is equal parts glamorous and fun," says Murray. "It adds a punctuation mark to any room, making it ideal for a secondary space (like a corner) that would otherwise be left bare." Just like us, she is jumping on the shearling trend.

&Tradition Fly Chair $2800

"This chair has all the curves that I wish I had," says Henderson. "It's sleek and modern yet traditional, with its wood detailing and velvet-upholstered cushions. If two of these happened to show up in my new living room design plan, I would definitely not be mad about it." The chairs were also prominently featured in every room of brand-new Manhattan hotel 11 Howard, which tells us that great minds think alike.

Palecek Brando Lounge Chair $4110

"Leather and wood are such authentic and traditional materials, so I love how they're reimagined here with a chunky, modern silhouette topped off with a touch of brass hardware," says Murray. "The result is a beautiful transitional piece."

Shine by S.H.O. Solange Chair $4875

"While this chair might not be the most comfortable, it is the perfect side chair that can be used to complete a living room," says Nahem. "This is yet another classic design that can be used outdoors as well."

Willy Guhl Loop Chair $5120

"These are eternally cool to me because the structure is so sculptural and an engineering feat at the same time," says Cooper. "The cellulose-infused fiber cement is strong enough to hold its form, even if the chair cracks." Swiss designer Willy Guhl designed these chairs in 1954, so you know they've passed the test of time.

Mattia Bonetti Ball Armchair $30000

"This Paris-based designer creates unique furniture designs that manage somehow be of-the-moment yet timeless," says Nahem. "They are instant collectibles. This chair is an outstanding example of his very best work." At a cool $30,000, this isn't the most affordable chair of the bunch, but we'd be lying if we weren't ready to max out a few credit cards for it.

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