Love Actually Is . . . the Inspiration For This Party

HBX-SOUSSTYLE-HOLIDAY-TABLESCAPE-2We think Christmas is as good a theme as any for tabletop décor, but we love when people push it a step further with inspired decorations. Aussie Pippa Lord of Sous Style did just that this year when she hosted a dinner party in tribute to Love Actually, "the greatest Christmas movie of all time," (we won't argue). Using a color scheme of festive jewel tones, Lord wove together plastic berry garlands accented with vibrant baubles "to give it a modern edge." Instead of overdoing the tablescape with fussy flowers, she anchored a pair of fuchsia orchids in gold vases for a pop of color. HBX-SOUSSTYLE-HOLIDAY-TABLESCAPE-4 The pièce-de-résistance of the party were handmade placemats emblazoned with playful quotes from the film, such as "Let's get the sh*t kicked out of us by love." In the background, true to form, an ensemble cast of characters -- from Justin Bieber to Kylie Minogue to Otis Redding -- contributed to the ambience with classic and cute Christmas hits. We like to think the Prime Minister would enjoy it. Feeling inspired? Head to House Beautiful to hear more about this fabulous fete. Photographs: Lianna Tarantin