Your Zodiac Prediction Is in: This Is When You'll Find Love in 2017


Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

As we interviewed Amelia Quint, MyDomaine's house astrologist, for this article, she began by intuitively stating my reason for writing it in the first place. "The top question I get asked is, When am I going to find love?" she said over the phone. I can't say I'm surprised by this; many of us are raised to believe that love is something that happens when you least expect it, a destiny that refuses to take our life plans into account. This, in turn, resigns us to a life of sitting, waiting, and wondering. Astrology, among other things, gives us that highly sought-after sense of control over our love lives; it's proof that somewhere out there, our romantic destiny is written in the stars. For some much-needed insight into your love life, read on for your zodiac sign's relationship forecast for 2017.

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries are fiercely driven and independent people who have a clear idea of what they want (and what they don't). "If a particular person or love interest doesn't fit into that idea, they're going to have to go," Quint says. And with Uranus—the planet of rebellion and excitement—in their sign until 2018, Aries may be the most independent versions of themselves this year. "My sense is that Aries is not going to be too terribly focused on a long-term love, they're going to be more focused on achieving their long-term goals," she adds. 

There is one exception to that: when Venus goes into retrograde in late March. During this time, people recalibrate their approach to relationships, beauty, and their own feelings of sensuality. For Aries, Venus retrograde is in Pisces, a mystical, romantic sign where "not everything is as it seems." This may throw straightforward Aries for a loop, potentially landing them in an unexpected courtship through April.

Earthy and sensual Taurus may be forced to come face-to-face with some of their more questionable relationship decisions this year; a shift brought on by both Venus retrograde and Mercury retrograde in Taurus in April. "With Venus retrograde moving through their house of dreams and long-term vision [in March and April], Taurus will be forced to face the fact that in relationships, the decisions you make affect your future," explains Quint. "You are the sum of the five people around you—it may be time to reevaluate your relationships, including friendships."

Combined with Mercury retrograde in Apil, Taurus may feel like a rug was pulled out from under them early in the year. But while nothing screams "A new relationship is coming!" to Quint, she feels confident that whoever and whatever makes it through the gauntlet of spring 2017 will be here to stay.

When it comes to relationships, expressive and complex Gemini will have an eventful 2017. With Saturn—the planet of responsibility, life lessons, and authority—in Gemini's relationship sign of Sagittarius, this air sign will either develop an important relationship or cement a courtship for the long haul.

"Saturn can bring up things that test you and the people around you, and it's going to continue all year," said Quint. "[Saturn creates] a cosmic relationship ultimatum: Break up or stay together." Fortunately, when Saturn leaves in December, Gemini will be able to breathe a sigh of relief. But remember, Mercury retrograde in April will hit Gemini particularly hard, being that their ruling planet is Mercury. It's best not to make any big relationship moves during this time.

Quint has both good news and bad news for Cancer this year. First off, Pluto is traveling through Capricorn, Cancer's relationship house, for the next four years. In Quint's words, Pluto is associated with the death-and-rebirth cycle, and it gives rise to a Phoenix-like feeling in which you die out and rise from the ashes. It has a way of making you deal with pressing issues ASAP. Needless to say, this can make for a pretty rocky road in the relationship department.

Fortunately, there are ways to embrace this tumult and make it work for you. "The best way to make this great is to know that it's going on, and to know that the Tinder hookup isn't for Cancer this year," she says. "Or maybe it will be! Whatever helps them work through the internal tornado that is Pluto. The more they examine their past relationships, the better off they will be." She also mentions Pluto's magnetic and sexual side, which could make for some exciting dates. "You could meet someone who sweeps you off your feet; just be sure to look before you leap!"

With serious Saturn in Leo's relationship house of Sagittarius, those of the fire sign will find themselves questioning their relationships more than usual. "You have to ask yourself why you're going into certain relationships and what you want to get out of them," explains Quint. "The thing with Saturn is that it will keep pushing you until you understand the lesson." 

She also mentions that there will be two Leo eclipses this year: a lunar eclipse on February 10 and a solar eclipse on August 21. "Eclipses represent large shifts, so having [them] in your sign is really going to change the way you think about yourself and the way you approach your own identity, [as well as] the way other people see you." Given the volatility of these dates, she strongly cautions against making any important relationship decisions. "Spend time doing you, whether that's booking a yoga retreat or going on vacation."

As the scribe of the zodiac, Virgo's commitment to storytelling will be challenged during Mercury retrograde in Virgo this August. "Virgos will have an opportunity to change the way they think and communicate for the better," Quint says. "The more they do those things and focus on the story they want to be telling, the better off they'll be."

As for important relationship dates, Quint quickly highlights February 26, when there's a solar eclipse in Virgo's relationship house of Pisces. What's more, Pisces's ruling planet is Neptune, a romantic and mysterious planet. "That means you'll either be working on things from your past relationships, or you could meet someone who makes you feel completely magical," Quint says. "But remember: Neptune can mean spiritual connection or illusion. Keep your guard up for a while, and make sure this person is who they say they are."

With Jupiter—the sign of good fortune and growth—in Libra's house until October, the air sign will likely be a bit more focused on their career over romantic relationships until the end of the year. "Use this time wisely to make any career moves you may have been too shy to make before; all eyes are on you," Quint says.

But with Venus retrograde starting in Libra's relationship house of Aries in March, Quint recommends rethinking any relationships currently taking root, paying particular attention to how they affect day-to-day routines. "If [Libras] have gotten too into a relationship and lost sight of themselves, that will become very apparent [in spring]," she continues. To really take advantage of all 2017 has to offer, Quint recommends focusing on personal health while Venus is in Libra's health area. "Diet and exercise will make them feel like a million bucks throughout the year."

With Mercury retrograde in their relationship house of Taurus this April, Scorpios will be forced to take a second look at their romantic relationship. "This is less about rethinking the whole relationship itself as it is thinking of better ways to communicate within the relationship," Quint says. "Mercury retrograde in Taurus can be stressful because it puts into question that feeling of security that relationships give you."

Scorpios will also be focused on self-exploration and self-love this year, thanks to Pluto in their communication house and Jupiter in their dream and imagination house. Pluto will prompt them to rewrite their inner monologue and personal story, while Jupiter will encourage them to explore a new hobby or find a teacher or mentor. Toward the end of the year, a fulfilling new relationship may take hold after months of soul-searching and identity-building.

As the free-spirited sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius will be thrown for a loop with serious Saturn in their sign this year. "They really have to become a lot more responsible for themselves and for what's going on around them," Quint says. "They probably won't love the fact that this year, they'll need to be more discerning with their relationships and how much time they allow people to have in their lives."

But once Saturn leaves, you're often rewarded, as the whole "you reap what you sow" concept comes into play. In other words, if Sagittarians can survive their year of serious, focusing on themselves instead of romantic relationships, they will soar into 2018 with the youthful exuberance they're known for. On the bright side, Sagittarius's ruling planet of Jupiter is in Libra and Scorpio this year, meaning that they'll likely experience some love, harmony, and possibly a sexual awakening.

With tumultuous Pluto in their sign this year, things are changing fast for career-oriented Capricorn. "They're going to have to work really hard to spend the necessary time on their relationship," Quint says. "If they're with a person who isn't on board with their direction of change, that person may not fit into ambitious Capricorn's life. Don't mess around with people who will tie you down."

While their minds aren't exactly focused on relationships right now, a Capricorn's outlet for frustration may very well be sex. "Power is attractive!" comments Quint. "And these people are very accomplished." Although it may be hard to maintain romantic relationships with all that's going on, there will be so much to be proud of once they come out on the other side.

With rebellious Uranus as their ruling planet, Aquarians march to the beat of their own drum—a beat that also guides their romantic relationships. And with Uranus in independent Aries this year, Aquarians are focused on their personal growth now more than ever. If anything, they're exclusively looking for a partner who can share in their passionate pursuit of adventure and fun.

In terms of important romantic dates, Quint mentions August 10, when there's a lunar eclipse in Aquarius. She predicts this will be "a culmination of their independence," and that they'll finally get to see all of their hard work pay off. "They'll feel really strong, like they've really changed who they are and how they approach relationships," she says. "[Aquarians] have their own ideas about what they want in a partnership, and they'll learn how to find that without feeling guilty about [straying from society's expectations.]"

For Pisces, 2017 is all about learning how to love themselves first. With their dreamy ruling planet of Neptune in Pisces since 2010, Pisces may feel like superman or superwoman. But Quint is quick to mention the double-edged nature of Neptune; it's both romantic and idealized, but can end up being nothing more than an illusion. "The best advice I can give Pisces is to be aware of [this duality]," she says. "One way to get around that is to focus on your spirituality and creativity, and to throw yourself into your projects."

Not only is this a great way for Pisces to move past some of their shyness, but it's also a great way for them to meet like-minded people. "Getting involved in spiritual groups, learning about different kind of philosophies, or even keeping a dream journal can help them meet the right person," she advises. There's also a solar eclipse in Pisces on February 26, which means they should turn their focus inward.

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