The 15 Best Love Poem Books of All Time

Imagine if someone could peer into your soul, pull the words out, and put them down on paper for you. Poetry is not just a thing of Shakespearean past, but rather one of the most profound ways to express the human spirit as it encounters war, despair, discovery, enlightenment, and love. Whether your heart is breaking into pieces or brimming with of love, sometimes a good poem is exactly what you needed.

So when it comes to matters of the heart, poetry couldn’t be more apropos. To add emotional depth and riveting romantic masterpieces to your bookshelf, we sifted through the many love poetry books, current and historical, and narrowed down the must-haves. There for you when you need it, read these poems while soaking in a tub, recite them to your lover, or just sweetly savor them all to yourself.