Couples Who Are Truly in Love Won't Go to Bed Without Doing These 3 Things

Updated 06/28/17

We all know one couple that always emits love and light wherever they go. They've either been together for a short time but look head over heels in love, or have been together forever but still appear to be in that infatuation phase. But no union is without flaw, and couples who make it look easy actually work quite hard to make it appear as such. So what exactly are these lovebirds doing that we haven't in the past? Self breaks down three habits other couples can adopt to strengthen their bond and have the most loving relationship possible.

They Bank Solo Quality Time

This seems like a given, right? But it isn't! The most committed couples make sure to bank major quality time alone—penciling it into their schedules as often as possible. And we really do mean alone: without children, without phones, and without work excuses.

They're Always Kind

The ones you love know you well, thus they're the best at pushing all of your buttons. But by remembering your partner's intentions, you can stop any blowup before it begins. It could be misplaced frustration—people tend to take their worst feelings out on those closest to them, after all. And if you have to fight at all, you should always fight fair and recognize when you're unable to. Serving up a low blow or bringing up something from the past are no-fly zones. You always want to aim to be heard and recognized, not to hurt the one you love.

Kindness never fails.

They're Always Truthful

If honesty was so easy, we'd never lie! And even when we tell the truth, we sometimes omit things—to avoid getting ourselves in trouble and to not hurt our partner. A truly fulfilling relationship needs to always have transparency present, with all of the details on the table for important moments. Finances, running into your ex, sex—all of these should be topics for discussion that are talked about openly.

Head over to Self for more, and pick up a copy of Getting the Love You Want for a deep-dive into the topic.

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