Set It, and Forget It: 7 Low-Carb Crockpot Recipes for Healthy Weeknight Meals

As we head into the winter months and it’s already dark out when we leave the office, our motivation to spend precious time in the kitchen wanes, but our desire for cozy comfort food rises. What’s the healthiest (and heartiest) fix that satisfies both these seasonal woes? Crockpot recipes. Our good friend and game-changing kitchen staple, the crockpot, is a saving grace during chilly months—providing low-lift meal options that pack in all the home-cooked flavor we desire during the holiday season. The only problem with hearty heartwarming meals is that they’re usually heavy on the carbs. But with the right recipes, you can get your feel-good fix without derailing your healthy eating plan. To prove it, we’ve rounded up seven low-carb crockpot recipes that will become your favorites through fall and winter. Prep before the workday to come home to a filling meal brimming with flavor (not the carbs). Keep scrolling for seven low-carb crockpot recipes that are perfect to cozy up with after a long workday.