10 Low-Carb Vegetarian Recipes That Will Have Meat Eaters Wanting Seconds

When recipes go meat-free, there's a tendency for them to be bulked up on the carbs—be it pasta, bread, or sweet potatoes. But just because you're cutting meat from the equation doesn't mean you have to fill the void with carbohydrates. To prove you can have a flavorful and filling meal (without the meat and carbs), we sifted through our favorite meat-free dishes to find 10 low-carb vegetarian recipes that deliver the good stuff, without compromising on the flavor. Consider this lineup of meat- and bread-free dishes that are carnivore-approved. Packed with nutritious ingredients, plenty of greens, and healthy proteins, these satisfying, low-carb vegetarian recipes are ready to address any appetite, whatever you're craving. Keep scrolling for 10 low-carb vegetarian recipes that will have meat eaters wanting seconds.