Low-Carb Wines to Sip When You're Trying to Be Healthy

Let's be honest: No matter how many ways you try to spin it, alcohol isn't exactly a "healthy" choice. Sure, studies suggest red wine has cognitive and cholesterol benefits and that moderate consumption can be good for you, but drinking puts pressure on your liver and metabolism—which is not ideal if you're partaking in a low-carb meal plan like the keto diet.

Dubbed "the fastest growing diet of 2018," the ketogenic diet is one that includes low- or no-carb foods. Yes, that means some alcohol is on the menu. But as Andreas Eenfeldt, MD, author, and CEO of Diet Doctor, points out, not all drinks are created equal. "There is a huge difference between different kinds of alcoholic drinks," he says. "The short version: Wine is much lower in carbs than beer," says Eenfeldt, "Pure spirits like whiskey and vodka contain zero carbs." Similarly, champagne contains just 1.5 carbohydrates per serving, making it the best wine to order when on a low-carb diet. Other options include sauvignon blanc, pinot grigio, and chardonnay. Ready to see which wines you can drink in moderation while on a low-carb diet? We've rounded up the best varieties to sip and savor.