Low-Prep Kid Lunches Your Little Ones Will Be Excited to Eat

There's nothing easy about putting together a lunch that keeps your kid happy and simultaneously satisfies your desire to feed them something healthy and nutritious. Healthful meal options have all the makings that will immediately be off-putting to the younger crowd—a complicated execution, mystery ingredients, and a hefty serving of greens. But if you're looking for healthy, crowd-pleasing, and low-prep kid lunches, there are recipes that serve that exact purpose. Straightforward, grown-up takes on some of our favorite childhood lunch staples make for healthier adaptations that still satisfy. From grilled cheese sandwiches loaded up with broccoli to creamy mac and cheese with a serving of spinach, the following recipes are just as wholesome as they are kid-approved.

Keep scrolling for six low-prep kid lunches your little ones will be excited to eat.