Confirmed: The Best Wine to Order When You're Trying to Be Healthy

Updated 02/16/17

Studies suggest that the occasional glass of red wine is good for your heart, but there's no denying that vino is an unnecessary source of calories when you're trying to get in shape. Thankfully, you can maintain a healthy diet and enjoy wine in moderation.

As Thrillist points out, the secret is in understanding different wine varieties so you can make smart menu choices. Partial to a drop of white? Pinot gris sourced from a cool-climate vineyard is likely to contain less sugar, as grapes ripen at a slower rate. Prefer champagne? While typically sweet, labels that read "extra brut" don't contain added sugar.

Change your order: These low-calorie wines are the healthiest on the menu.

  1. Pinos gris: This wine has 50 to 100 fewer calories than a Californian chardonnay.
  2. Dry riesling: Opt for rieslings like kabinett or spätlese from Germany or Austria, which tend to be low in sugar.
  3. Champagne: "Avoid labels with the words doux, sec, and extra sec (which all indicate how sweet a Champagne is) and instead look for a label that says extra brut," Thrillist recommends.
  4. Merlot: Search for bottles with right bank written on the label, which indicates where it's made in France. "They will have about 100 fewer calories in a bottle than a similar wine, like a cabernet sauvignon from Napa, because the French tend to make wines that are lower in alcohol," the article explains.
  1. Gamay: It's low in alcohol content and therefore also has fewer calories.

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