Today Is the Luckiest, Happiest Day of the Year

Just when you thought it was going to be another regular day at work, think again. Astrologer to the stars Susan Miller says today, August 26, is the "luckiest and happiest day of the year" because "the sun and Jupiter will align, creating a lucky halo that will manifest differently for each sign but enshrine us all in its cosmic embrace." So you should probably start expecting something extra-special to happen, right? Wrong. According to Miller, this incredible good fortune and happiness won't happen if you sit at home all day; she says you have to "seize the day" and be ready to embrace your lucky encounter. "Nothing happens if you stay home!" she advises. So if you're stuck at work all day, we highly recommend you forgo the usual desk lunch and eat out. You just never know, you could get lucky.

To read more about the luckiest day of the year, visit New York Magazine.

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