Lulu and Georgia Doesn't Look Like Lulu and Georgia Anymore—and We Love It

Photo: Lulu and Georgia

If we had to describe the quintessential Lulu and Georgia aesthetic in three products, it would be a brass-and-marble coffee table, a Mongolian fur pillow, and a blush-colored curved sofa. At least, that's the brand image we used to have. When our team took a peek at the Lulu and Georgia website recently, we discovered a lineup of new, totally unexpected products—all of which are on sale right now.

A far cry from the décor we've come to expect from the trend-driven website, the latest wares are understated and monochrome. A few of our favorites? A chrome-and-tan leather accent chair, sculptural iron side table, and glass-top art deco coffee table, just to name a few. If you haven't visited the site in a while, now's the time to do so and make the most of the 25% sitewide discount with the code "splurge."

Here are 13 new products we were pleasantly surprised to discover: