It's True: This Genius Sleepwear Puts an End to Sweaty Summer Nights

Updated 07/16/18
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Getting a good night sleep can make or break the day ahead and unfortunately, slipping into a deep, restorative slumber can be harder than ever in summer. If you tend to wake up feeling hot and sweaty, your sleepwear might be partly to blame. 

"The number one issue we hear about from our customers is sleeping too hot," says Ashley Merrill, Founder & CEO of Lunya. "They are waking up at night in a puddle of sweat and as a company committed to helping improve sleep, this was a cry for help we couldn't ignore." 

The brand's new collection, Cool, takes a science-backed approach to create summer sleepwear that goes beyond aesthetics. Made with a unique blend of Pima cotton, TransDry, and XT2 fibers, the innovative fabric helps to "move moisture across a greater surface area of the body, stopping it from pooling in unwanted places, keeping you cooler and drier at night," a press release explains.

The smart fabric also tackles odor. "XT2 fibers utilize the antimicrobial properties of silver to stop odor by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi that consumes sweat and cause odors." Genius Shop Lunya's new collection below to put an end to sweaty summer nights. 

Lunya Sleepwear
Lunya Cool Muscle Tee $68
Lunya Cool Short Sleeve Tee $78
Lunya Cool Short $78
Lunya Cool Romper $178

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