Fancy Holiday Gift Ideas for the Extra-Special People in Your Life

No matter how accomplished you are as a gift giver, there's always that one person on your list who trips you up. You know exactly who we mean: that infinitely chic friend or relative who seemingly has everything, including that fancy candle you had in your cart. You may want to spoil these special loved ones and find gifts that are as unique as they are, but there are only so many hours to dedicate to the search, right? 

That's where Tiffany & Co. comes in. Because as far as we know, a little blue box has never been eyed with a look of disappointment by its lucky receiver. So this year, we're going straight to the tried-and-true brand to shop its luxe curation of gifts sure to please everyone at the top of our shopping lists. Want to see the lavish gifts we're buying for every type of person in our lives? Feast your eyes on these special pieces.

In the mood to splurge? Shop more luxe gifts from Tiffany & Co. for your loved ones (or yourself).