10 Luxurious Bathtubs to Pair With a Glass of Wine (and a Good Book)

There are few more satisfying things when coming home from a stressful day than drawing a bubble bath and sinking in with a glass of wine and a good book. And these days, there's no shortage of reasons to be stressed. Even if your bathroom is small and lackluster, it's easy to envision an elegant bathroom with double vanities, fireplaces, and luxurious bathtubs. In smaller spaces, beautiful fixtures and luxe materials can go a long way in making a space feel extra special. If you're planning a renovation or simply want to indulge in beautiful spaces, look no further—these luxurious bathtubs are the respite we all need from the stresses of the world.

a bathtub in a white-tiled bathroom
Alexandra Ribar ; DESIGN: Leanne Ford Interiors

In this luxe bathroom by Leanne Ford Interiors, the tub and double shower are grouped together in a tiled wet space. The dramatic vaulted ceiling and brass fixtures add a palatial flair to the space.

a stand alone bathtub
Douglas Friedman/Trunk Archive

In this marbled bathroom, a freestanding silver soaking tub anchors the space. Mirrored doors give the luxe room an even more glamorous feel by reflecting all the shiny fixtures and surfaces.

a stand alone bathtub with an overhead shower
Bauer Media/Trunk Archive

Though this bathroom is not the biggest, floating the bathtub in the middle of the space makes it feel grander. The Victorian terrace space already has great bones: extra-high ceilings and French doors that open onto a balcony, but the marble tiles give it extra dimension.

a bathroom with a clawfoot tub
Melanie Acevedo/Trunk Archive

In Jenna Lyon's old Brooklyn townhouse, the black clawfoot tub opens up onto the master bedroom. The space retains its original features, weathered herringbone floors, and dramatic moldings, with walls painted black to give it a cozy feel.

a stand alone white tub against a veined marble background
Courtesy of Studio DB

This contemporary freestanding bathtub stands out against a veined marble background. The half-wall provides privacy to the double shower behind, which is outfitted with neutral zellige tiles and weathered brass fixtures.

minimal tub is placed by the floor-to-ceiling window overlooking an ocean
Bauer Media/Trunk Archive

You simply cannot beat the dramatic views of this luxe bathroom—and the bathtub takes full advantage of it. The minimal tub is placed by the floor-to-ceiling window, making it the most relaxing space to soak up the suds.

a luxurious black marble bathtub
Courtesy of Alexander Design

In this edgy Venice Beach loft, a luxurious black marble bathtub is the room's focal point. The monochromatic space uses only shades of black and white with textures like painted brick and wool rugs to make it feel layered and warm.

a minimal bathtub next to a tall fiddle leaf fig tree
Courtesy of Liljencrantz Design

In this Scandinavian bathroom, the minimal bathtub stands next to a tall fiddle leaf fig tree, which helps bring the outside in. The leafy views of the garden beyond the French doors can be admired from the tub.

a luxurious clawfoot tub in the middle of a bedroom
Thomas Loof/Trunk Archive

At the Apartment by the Line in New York's SoHo neighborhood, a luxurious clawfoot tub sits in the middle of the bedroom—creating the perfect multifunctional space. A small stool stands next to the tub, creating extra surface space for products and towels.

a square bathtub in the middle of an oversize bathroom complete with a fireplace
Courtesy of Alexander Design

In this Malibu beach house, a square bathtub stands in the middle of an oversized bathroom complete with a fireplace. The Moroccan rug, artwork, leafy tree, and stool make the space feel layered, more like a living space than a bathroom.

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