11 Luxurious Bedrooms We Want to Be Transported to Right Now

Picture this: It's Sunday morning. You're lounging in the natural light of your bedroom surrounded by sumptuously soft sheets with The New York Times style section in one hand and an indulgent latte in the other. While this is admittedly where we'd all like to be right now, it's Wednesday, so we're going to have to settle for a virtual escape until we can make this vision a reality. From a bookworm's cozy haven complete with a built-in bookshelf to a minimalist's moody retreat with restrained black-and-white details, click through the downright dreamiest, most luxurious bedrooms that we want to be transported to right now.

luxurious bedroom rug
Alyssa Rosenheck

For some, that statement-making rug might steal the spotlight, but our eyes are on the luxurious bed. We're dreaming about sinking into those impressively fluffy pillows and wrapping ourselves up in that cozy throw.

luxurious layered bedding
Amy Bartlam

Think of this space as a lesson in layering. A boldly striped coverlet complements a pile of textured throw pillows while balancing out an intricately patterned headboard in this cozy yet well-crafted bedroom.

luxurious bedroom inspiration
Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

We don't know about you, but this luxurious bedroom is where we'd want to spend a rainy afternoon. A built-in bookshelf with ample reading material? Check. A statement-making light fixture? Check. Velvety soft sheets? Check. 

minimal luxury bedroom
Alyssa Rosenheck

Minimal yet textured, this luxuriously comfortable bed looks like the perfect place to lounge on an indulgently lazy weekend morning with a page-turning book in one hand and a large cup of coffee in the other.

luxury bedroom interior design
Heidi's Bridge

This inspired interior is encouraging us to embrace our inner maximalists. It's all the proof we need that an accent wall paired with an accent quilt can add dynamism to a small-space bedroom without it looking over the top.

luxury modern bedroom
Alyssa Rosenheck

You know we're into warm, neutral tones, so naturally, we love this luxurious bedroom. Despite being decorated predominantly with shades of beige, this space keeps things interesting with mixed textures for a layered look.

luxurious velvet bedroom
Alyssa Rosenheck

Everywhere we look in this beautiful bedroom, we see luxurious details. Between the velvet headboard, the canopy bed frame, and the plush settee, we're wondering when we can move in.

luxurious black-and-white bedroom

This minimalist retreat in a restrained black-and-white palate is proof that sometimes less is more. Even crinkled linen bedding manages to look luxe in this stark setting, no?

colorful luxurious bedroom
Sarah Sherman Samuel

This bedroom is so dreamy it invokes Drake's latest lyrics, "I only love my bed and my mama. I'm sorry." Leave it to interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel to show us that incorporating color into a space can pretty magical.

luxury bedroom furniture
Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

A canopy bedframe lends just the right amount of luxe to this light-and-airy bedroom. A textured throw, comfortable quilt, and plush rug keep things luxuriously cozy.

luxurious velvet bed frame
Sarah Sherman Samuel

The colder it is outside, the stronger our desire to stay in bed, especially if that bed boasts a velvet headboard and crinkled linen sheets, like the one pictured here. Excuse us while we call in sick.

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