11 Luxurious Beds That'll Make You Want to Hit the Snooze Button

A luxurious bed dressed in draped black bedding.

Imagine the moment when you're finally able to slide into bed after a particularly long day. Sure, it's relaxing enough, but tucking yourself into a super-luxurious bed—whether you envision something crisply tailored or more laid-back—in the bedroom of your dreams really takes that experience to a whole new level.

A good night's sleep doesn't solely rest on a solid bed frame, amazing sheets, or a fantastic mattress (although they do help). Many times, one's ability to count sheep hinges on the feelings inspired by our immediate surroundings (aka the bedroom), and hence, the total package. Go ahead and picture yourself drifting off in one of these 11 beds, nestled inside their impossibly luxurious bedrooms. Each space inspires reflective respites, quick catnaps, and deep slumbers, ensuring you never feel guilty for hitting that snooze button.

Laid-Back Perfection

A minimalist bedroom in Arizona overlooking a desert environment.

The raw, minimalist Sky Loft in the experimental town of Arcosanti in Mayer, Arizona is perched high over a peaceful mesa; a huge, fixed radial window invites guests to feel as one with the outdoor environment. Naturally, the room's rustic, bare-bones elements play second-fiddle to the gorgeous view. But the bed, with its rumpled, blush-hued linen bedding, softens the coarse architectural elements, urging one to curl up and doze for days.

Crinkly Linen Bedding

A set of pink linen bedding with two pillows, a top sheet, and a duvet cover.
Parachute Linen Venice Bedding Set $359-459

Chic & Eclectic

Most Luxurious Bedrooms
Nicole Hollis

This eclectic bedroom pulls from a host of styles and eras: The traditional, buttoned-up bed is a calming foil to the modern mirrored pendant and monumental golden structure. (Merely a headboard, or perhaps a closet accessible only from the back and sides? No matter). Crisp, white sheets and lightweight slate-toned blankets are, clearly, all one needs while the home fires are kept burning.

Lightweight Blanket

A folded gray cotton-wool blend blanket.
Coyuchi Sequoia Washable Organic Cotton & Wool Blanket $178-448

Pocket-Sized Sanctuary

Luxury Small Bedrooms

A diminutive, cocoon-like sleeping nook—consisting of a massive bed and little else—feels exactly like a big master bedroom. Bathed in natural light, it's also dreamily wabi-sabi and romantic thanks to perfectly-imperfect rumpled bedding and gauzy, ethereal panels suspended from above.

Gauzy Canopy

A four poster bed with a sheer white bed canopy hanging on it.
RH Baby & Child Voile Tie-Top Bed Canopy $279-319

Sky-High Glamor

A bedroom with a floor-to-ceiling headboard.
Studio DB

An impossibly high-ceilinged bedroom is brought back down to earth with a perfectly-proportioned floor-to-ceiling upholstered headboard. The room's design is glamorously understated, and the bed itself oozes considered comfort. Every element—from the statement-making chandelier to the floating nightstands and high-pile area rug—beget an elegant, calming wink-worthiness that's tough to beat.

Velvety Throw Pillows

A set of two deep blue velvet throw pillows.
Article Set of 2 Lucca Cascadia Blue Pillows $99

Pattern Play

A low-slung bed with a geometric print duvet and pink velvet pillows.
Nikole Ramsay

Sometimes all you need is a nice glass of water, a good book, and a reading lamp to make your sleep situation complete. But while the stack of magazines-cum-nightstand may fool you into thinking this bedroom is somehow less-than, the bed is actually anything but. Layers upon layers of pleasingly mismatched bedding in tactile fabrics is a big, opulent explosion of texture and pattern.

Graphic Duvet Cover

A graphic printed duvet cover with multicolored pillows atop.
Kip & Co Boardwalk Black Linen Duvet Cover $229

Minimalist & Cloudlike

Luxurious Bedroom Ideas
Studio Ashby

Many minimalist bedrooms come off as cold and unwelcoming. Here, however, simplicity is actually a superpower. Muted tones, as well as a channel-tufted headboard running the length of the space, call to mind big, fluffy clouds that anchor the bed in cushiony softness. Little to no visual noise cinches a tranquil respite.

Modular Wall Panels

A large swathe of microsuede wall panels.
Vänt Microsuede Wall Panels in Sand $179

Clean & Crisp

Most Luxurious Beds
JH Interior Design

This Scandinavian-inspired bedroom in Amagansett, New York is delightfully pared-down. A graphic pink circle, drawing the eye up toward the beachy rafters, reminds us of the sun (rising or setting; your choice). Fresh, white sheets and a chunky, weighted blanket draped over the foot of the bed promise deep relaxation and halcyon dreams.

Weighted Blanket

A chunky gray weighted woven cotton throw blanket.
Bearaby The Napper $249

Subtly Textured

Beautiful Bedrooms
Elizabeth Roberts

A playful balance of texture and tone, the bed is blanketed in luxurious layers of soft, woven textiles that beget a beautifully rustic European informality. A shaggy flokati snuggles bare feet before—and after—bedtime.

Fluffy Throw Rug

A sheepskin throw rug at the foot of a bed in a Mediterranean style bedroom.
Crate & Barrel Sheepskin Throw Rug $379

Sleek & Spartan

A wooden headboard with built-in nightstands and lights.
Fantastic Frank 

Hotel vibes for the win: A bedroom with built-in everything (aka the headboard, nightstands, reading lamps, and shelves) makes quite an architectural statement in a room devoid of personal effects. We picture ourselves lazing on this bed, bathed in dappled sunlight and dozing off for a quick afternoon catnap.

Fixed Furnishings

A wooden platform bed with a built-in headboard and nightstands.
ModCenturyVintage Floating Platform Bed & Nightstands - King $3995

Serenity Now

Luxurious Beds

This bed reminds us of a morning in Paris. One where you've just met someone and are ready and willing to spend days upon days under these covers. Together. Staring into each other's eyes. It's decidedly laid-back and ultra-livable; luxurious in a free-and-easy way.

Soft Shams

Lindstrom Blue Full/Queen Duvet Cover
Crate and Barrel Lindstrom Blue Duvet Cover $170

Vacation Vibes, Channeled

Luxurious Bedroom Inspiration
Fashion Me Now

Santorini, anyone? Snowy and spare, this clean blue-and-white bedroom channels a luxury villa on a cliff's edge overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. We picture ourselves with suntanned skin, lounging under the covers of this big, beautiful, beachy bed. Just living super-high on the hog.

Arched Headboard

A blue and white upholstered arched headboard.
One Kings Lane Kennedy Arched Headboard - Chambray Floral Linen $435-565

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